Last Sunday the Liberty of the Seas cruised upon two stranded boaters as the cruise ship was returning from the Caribbean.  The ship stopped and picked up two Cuban men.

As WPTV reports, Royal Caribbean originally said that its cruise ship picked them up. But later it issued this statement, saying: The two Cubans did not board the Liberty of the Seas, but were retrieved by a coast guard vessel…"

But cruise passenger Emily Zazdin, who filmed the rescue, said  "I got video of them coming up to the ship and they were taken aboard."  

The Coast Guard said they picked up the two men from the cruise ship and found they have legal status in the U.S. The Coast Guard took them to the border patrol offices in Marathon, where their legal status were confirmed, and they were released.

You can see in the video (courtesy RSS 622) at the bottom the Coast Guard arriving at the cruise ship to take the men away in a Coast Guard vessel.  

Just goes to show you, take anything the cruise line PR people tell you with a grain of salt.

  • Bridget Janiak

    My husband and I were on the cruise and they DID board the Liberty of the Seas – we saw them – and we also saw them get on the US Coast Guard boat and about 5 or 6 duffle bags – some wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, were also loaded on to the US Coast Guard boat

  • cenick

    What happened to the stranded boaters boat?

  • BridgetJ

    The Coast Guard marked it “US Coast Guard – OK” and set it adrift.

  • Walter

    What is the name of the Coast Guard Cutter?