CBS (Miami) reports today that  a Royal Caribbean cruise ship arrived back in Port Everglades this morning with an outbreak of norovirus on board

The cruise line has not responded to requests for information, but passengers aboard the Vision of the Seas complained about vomiting and diarrhea. Passengers said more than 200 passengers had to be quarantined due to the outbreak.

“It’s been a hell of an experience,” said passenger Johny Celaire, of the 11-day cruise.  The captain reportedly announced there had been an outbreak of the norovirus on board shortly after the cruise Vision of the Seas Norovirusship departed.

CBS reports that one cruise passenger, Joan Webber was not  quarantined even though her husband was ill.  She is concerned that other passengers infected with the virus will take taxi cabs to hotels and airports where others could be exposed.

“There are people flying out today that are going on an aircraft that have diarrhea so bad they don’t know how they are going to get back up to Canada,” Webber said. “I’m surprised we didn’t go and have the health department talk to us.”

CBS further reports that Celaire said Royal Caribbean’s customer service reps added insult to injury when they called to inquire about the situation.

“She said to me if you had washed your hands you’d be okay,” Celaire said. “I said, ‘How the hell do you know if I didn’t wash my hands?’”

Blaming the passengers is a common ploy by the cruise lines even though the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that the most likely cause of norovirus outbreaks is contaminated food or water. 






  • Rick Forsythe

    This does not surprise me. I recently took a cruise with RCL and saw several things that disturbed me. I advised an officer in the resturant, and sent a letter to RCL after returning. The response I got was one I feel contained a lax attitude, standard Im sorry comments and a certificate for $125.00 for my next cruise. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. My Jan14 Cruise was a waist of time and money, not enjoyable. If sanitary conditions and personal actions of crew members are as bad as what I saw, who knows what truly happens behind closed doors. I do NOT trust the cruise industry to protect anyones interest or to insure their crew members are trained and doing their job.

  • Barbara

    Just returned from an RCI 12 day cruise to Caribbean..luckily no Norovirus on board as far as I knew, but as far as hand sanitizer goes..the dispenser delivers a burst of liquid via electric eye as passengers hold their hand below the dispenser. I can not tell you how many times I saw passengers place their hands against the opening and touch the area where the liquid comes out. It made you want to avoid these dispensers at all costs. No wonder there is transmission of illness on these cruise ships. Washing your hands and probably using your own personal hand sanitizer would benefit every one.