Enchantmemt of the Seas Cruise Ship MurderLast night I received an email from a person who follows cruising who received information that there may have been what is being described as a "murder / suicide" on an unidentified Royal Caribbean cruise ship. There was a vague posting of the alleged incident on the Disney boards

This morning I received another email from a passenger who just disembarked the Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship.  The person’s email is as follows:

"Just got off Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas. They were detaining everyone on the 7Th floor and the police were there collecting statements. The crew wouldn’t say what was going on but other passengers said there was a murder/death on the 7th fl. Post if you hear anything about it."

My understanding is that the Enchantment OTS is moored in Baltimore at the moment.  

Enchantment of the Seas Cabin 7110If you have any information about this alleged incident, please leave a message or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Update March 25 2013:  I received the following information this morning from a person who wishes to remain anonymous:

The deceased person is reportedly a woman in her 60’s who allegedly was found on the floor by her husband.    

She reportedly had fallen inside the cabin earlier the same evening and hit her head and went to bathroom where she fell again this is when husband called for help. Nurses arrived to the cabin to attend the situation however she was pronounced dead at 5 AM.

(Please note that I cannot verify any of this information or any comments below). 

The cabin was thereafter sealed at some point until arrival into port where investigations will begin.

We were also provided with a copy of a photo of the door of the cabin in question which shows a plexi-glass cover over the key hole and key card slot with a lock around the handle.  

The FBI has told news stations in Baltimore that there are "suspicious undertones" surrounding the death.

A local CBS news station in Baltimore aired a short video on the investigation.

March 28, 2013 Update: The AP is reporting that an "autopsy shows that a Virginia woman found dead aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship died of natural causes.

FBI spokesman Rich Wolf has identified the woman as 64-year-old Katherine Kennedy, of Midlothian, Va. He says Kennedy died of heart disease.

Her husband found her dead Sunday in her cabin on the Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship. FBI agents met the ship when it arrived in Baltimore on Monday to begin investigating the unexplained death.

Wolf says Kennedy also had a laceration on her forehead, but authorities determined that she got the cut when she fell down. They said it had nothing to do with her death."

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  • anonymous

    I was in this cruise ship. We heard rumors.of a murder suicide. When we were exiting the ship we saw two body.bags wheeled out of the ship into a white van. The van was then escorted out by a police.

  • C.miller

    My friend and I just got offf the ship. We were told it was a murder / suicide. A lady we met on the ship was in the room next to them and heard it all. They told her she would have to stay to give statements.

  • anonymous

    I was on this cruise ship which arrived today.. We heard rumors.of a murder suicide. When we were exiting the ship we saw two body.bags wheeled out of the ship into a white van. The van was then escorted out by a police.

  • Annon.

    I can confirm (having just arrived home from this cruise) a cabin on the 7th floor (even side balcony) was guarded and eventually padlocked. Just after arriving in Baltimore (7am) 03/25/2013 A number of law enforcement officers and forensic officer were at the secured room. They did not detain “everyone” on the 7th floor as I was approx 10 rooms from this room on the 7th floor.

  • Dan

    I cruised on the Enchantment of the Seas on the trip you are speaking of. No one was “detained” or questioned on any floor at all. On the night of the 25th there was one room that was padlocked from the outside with a security guard outside. Nothing was said about why, but there was gossip of what may have happened and one person did mention a possible murder/suicide. However, any truth to that is unknown as of now. Everything with the cruise and the departure from this morning was smooth and business as usual.

  • Melissa Lucas

    I was on this cruise and nothing out of the ordinary happened while I was on board. As I was exiting the ship there was only ONE body bag brought out and put into the coroner’s van that the Port Authority Police escorted away. I didnt see any other FBI, Crime Scene vehicles, or Baltimore Police vehicles at the Port.

    Rumor had it as a Murder OR Suicide…not both. A 62 year old woman was found dead in her cabin. Her husband said she fell and hit her head.

  • Brooke

    I was on the cruise ship. Heard rumors that it was a murder suicide. Saw the padlocked door myself last night, and brought family members to the 7th floor this morning before we exited the ship to see it. In the elevator with us was a Maryland police officer, however we were unable to get to the room because quite a few crime scene investigators/ forensic officers were surrounding it.

  • Neil

    We were on the ship and saw 4 or 5 police-type personnel on the deck 7 – all wearing rubber gloves – doing some type of investigation. also saw multiple policemen in conference room on deck 6. Something was amiss. Wonder why they can’t come clean? If it happened, it happened. Say a prayer and move on.

  • m. Myers

    i was abored this ship when we were in the bahamas a few minutes before leaving port i looked out my window on the second floor and saw an ambulance and a bunch of guards and police they were lowering two bodies outside the room and i thought it was just someone sick so i closed my curtains and got into bed it is crazy to think something like this was happening at the time.

  • Alyssa

    I was also on this cruise. Departure was normal and speedy. I noticed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Royal Caribbean did a wonderful job of ensuring passengers were not made aware of this, as doing so would put many into hysteria causing only rumors. Not to mention, this is an investigation and something which is private and should be respected for the time being. Stating things such as “wonder why they can’t come clean” is naive and disrespectful. This is someones life and that needs to be respected while the police complete an investigation. This is unfortunate and has nothing to do with Royal Caribbean; again, they did a good job of ensuring the matter was contained.

  • Helainy Pena

    I was on this cruise and was not aware of anything i was able to leave the ship at 7:30AM and dint see or hear anything about the death until today when i saw the news.

  • Jan

    I concur with Alyssa; Royal Caribbean did an outstanding job of ensuring that our vacation was not marred by this unfortunate event which, by the way, had to be horrific for the family involved.
    We were also on floor seven, we were not detained and saw nothing amiss. I was aware, however, that an earlier unrelated event, on floor seven, resulted in a door being padlocked and a guard placed at the door. I am wondering if people have mistakenly merged the two events?

  • latasha bennett

    I was on the enchantment of the sea cruise and i had a marvelous time. It was my first cruise. It was beautiful i must say so myself. We heard rumers of a murder/suicide. If its true the ships crew did a wonderful job of keepin this a private matter. No one was detained. They kept it a quiet issue and im glad they did. They respected the decease if any and all of the passengers onboard. I didnt see any bodybags. And we all exit the ship with no problems
    . The crew members did a wonderful job. My next cruise will be on THE ROYAL CARIBBEAN ENCHANTMENT s

  • Cindy Moralle Yoder

    My friend and I were on the ship and didn’t see or hear anything at all. We were on the 8th deck. I didn’t hear anything of it until I saw it on cruise critic. It was a great cruise…..prayers to the family.

  • Becky

    I have just heard the result of the autopsy was heart disease. So we can all stop any rumors and let that husband and the family grieve. The cruise was wonderful, I am so sorry the family has had to go through all the assumptions they have. Prayers for the family.

  • Lisa

    I had just booked this cruise as a graduation gift for my son unknowing of his incident! I was initially horrified! After reading the comments, I am put to ease. Thanks for posting. My sincere prayers also go out to the family.

  • Crystal

    Lisa, you think you were horrified, I have hadTHIS ROOM booked since September. I had no idea of this incident until now. I do feel better about knowing that the lady was not murdered in the room I will be in for a week next month.