Marco Polo Cruise ShipI thought that I was experiencing deja vu while reading accounts that a cruise ship struck underwater rocks in a Norwegian fjord yesterday, resulting in damage to the ship’s hull.

The Marco Polo, operated by Cruise and Maritime Voyages, was sailing from Sortland, Norway, when the incident occurred. 

A week ago we reported on a similar grounding which occurred when Hurtigruten’s Kong Harald struck a submerged rock and took on water in another fjord in Norway.

On the same day, Lindblad Expedition’s National Geographic Sea Lion ran aground near Panama.

Regarding the latest grounding, Cruise Critic is saying that the rock which the Marco Polo hit was "uncharted." This was what Captain Schettino claimed after he rammed the Concordia into rocks off of the coast of Giglio.

You can read another story about cruise ship operators using the "uncharted rock" excuse: "Uncharted Rocks" and Other Tall Tales – Clipper Adventurer Ran Into A Charted Hazard

  • Andrew Chesney

    My Wife, her Sister and their Mother (who has not had a vacation for some 30 years), are on this cruise.

    They are trying to fly back to UK tomorrow.

    I will update when I know more information.

    ANDREW (35 miles west of London)

  • Angela Watson

    My Parents were on the Marco Polo and treated very well by the company , the only downside the crewdont receive pay whilst the ship is in dry dock , not very good