Regent Seven Seas - Seven Seas Voyager Cruise Ship Death A number of newspapers in Australia are reporting that police in the Northern Territory of Australia are investigating the death of a 24-year-old woman aboard a cruise ship which docked in Darwin today.

Commander Richard Bryson of the Crime and Specialist Support Command said the woman’s body was found in her cabin. "The woman was a staff member on a cruise ship which is currently moored in Darwin Harbour," he said.

"A crime scene was established as the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident continue."

The newspaper articles state that the police refuse to release further information, such as even the name of the cruise ship.

Ship tracking services indicate that the Seven Seas Voyager operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) is in Darwin today. The Seven Seas Voyager has a crew of 447 serving some 700 passengers.

Needless to say, the death of a young woman is unusual. 

The death of this young woman comes at a time when members of the International Cruise Victims Regent Seven Seas - Seven Seas Voyager Cruise Ship Death (ICV) organization are petitioning the government of Australia for legislation to protect passengers and crew members who sail into Australian ports. ICV Australia Director Mark Brimble lost his wife on a cruise after she was given a date rape drug. 

An on-line cruise community says that the crew member in question was the lead female singer on the cruise ship, although this has not been confirmed. 

February 3 2012 Update:

A news station in Australia has video showing a Regent Seven Seas cruise ship as the location of the incident. 

The young woman was a talented performer for Jean Ann Ryan Productions which employ dancers and singers on cruise ships.

She apparently worked aboard the Seven Seas Voyager for a relatively short period of time after performing on other Regent cruise ships like the Navigator and Mariner.

Rest in Peace Jackie Kastrinelis.

February 4 2013 Update:

A newspaper in Australia quotes police saying that they do not believe that a crime occurred.  A coroner will prepare a report.   

We received information that the crew member had an accident the preceding day during a rehearsal where she hit her head and had been given medicine by the ship doctor. 

A news station in Australia has a video tribute to Ms. Kastrinelis below.

March 31, 2016 Update:  "What killed Jaquelyn? Family says 3 years after daughter’s death, many questions unanswered."

Jackie Kastrinelis

  • Crazy Monkey


    I did one contract there and never looked back, still recovering from the bullying

    While they investigate the crime and lets put it in this way as an OPINION i do not doubt could have happen, they should get the ITF and also interview the crew regarding unfair treatment harassment, sexual favour (ask the GM from Croatia if he is still on that ship he should know) unfair dismissal shall we go on.

    If you find anything i will be surprise they tend to hide things good.

    Would have loved to know who was the Captain, GM, F&B at that time.

  • Claire Thompson

    Crazy Monkey – Or whatever name your hiding behind. People like you should be banned from leaving comments like that. A young girl has died and instantly YOU are playing the victim. GET OVER YOURSELF.

    Regent, are a professional company who take Bullying and any type of harassment seriously. There is a HR department on board and I can say first hand, that I know, things like this is addressed, investigated and dealt with.

    There is no sexual ”favors” and no unfair treatment of crew…. If there was, I am sure it would have been made public by now.

    So stop accusing behind your computer – keep your opinions to yourself have some dam respect for her family!

  • Rae

    Rip girl i still have the pictures of our years through school including prom we’ll never forget you!

  • believe half of what you see

    It is sad, but if he/she is a victim he/she has a right to say so, sounds like they know something first hand. I dare you down play and deny someones accusations especially something so sensitive. Your Naive it happens everywhere,or your just covering! why don’t you get over it? Things that happen like this brings out secrets and other issues companies may of had, so shhh you let people speak. It is a tragedy and my prayers are with the family, but don’t be heartless to others hurts and their knowledge of a situation Claire. I want to hear everything if it helps get to the bottom of what has happened and even if it doesn’t it sheds light of how it could of happened. Don’t say you would of known about it, because it is possible you don’t have a clue of everything that happens. Don’t be ignorant

  • Marcos Correa

    I agree with Claire, I worked with Regent for almost 4 years and they are very professional and all I have today I thanks Regent.
    This was a fatality and hope they find out as soon as possible what really happened.

    Rest in peace Jackie Kastrinelis.

  • David Hopton

    I agree with Clare. There is a time and a place for speaking your own ”Opionion” and now is not the time.

    I have worked for Regent for 6 years and if there is any bullying or harassment then it is investigated and addressed. I know, from experience!

    As you can see from new reports the police are not treating this case as suspicious and it seems Jackie fell in Rehersals earlier on in the day.

    And in response to the comment left by ‘Beleive half of what you see’ I will tell you that the first comment left was disrespectful and making accusations at a situation they have no idea about. IF the police report had stated ”suspicious” death then I understand people coming forward. BUT THE GIRL HAD JUST DIED and this stupid comment from Cheeky Monkey making it sound like the girl was attacked is just plain and utter IGNORANT!

    RIP – Jackie. Taken too soon! XXX

  • Faye Brownslow

    Can everyone just have some respect for the poor girl and her family!!! I am sorry to the first persons comment if you had a bad experience on Regent but we, as crew all love it here. Obviously ship life wasn’t for you. I concur with the second comment, Respect is needed not people opinions on what they think happened. Speculation on 1 persons experience is not needed.

    We love you Jackie! Keep singing in heaven! thoughts are with you and your family!

  • The Quigley Family

    The Kastrinelis family is a bright and shining family and our thoughts and prayers are with them! Jackie was an amazing person who was constantly smiling and sharing her talented voice with people throughout the Pentucket School District. She will be missed, Rest In Peace Jackie!

    The Quigley Family

  • meaghan

    i went to high school with jackie, and had the pleasure of doing a few high school show with her. she had amazing talent. my prayers go to the kastrinelis family. i hope that the investigators find some good news and out ease to the minds of everyone that knew her.
    rest in peace jackie

  • Janice Littrell

    So many roads & paths we take are brightened by the rays of others who have touched us with their warm & sunny ways…and Jackie was one of them. God bless her. Deepest sympathy to Kathy, Michael & family.

    Rick, Janice & Kody Littrell of Groveland

  • Megan

    Jackie was an amazing girl. I can say I will never forget you or the fun times that were had. You were always smiling. I am proud to have been able to have been in a show with you. May you be in a much better place now.

  • sue

    So glad we live in the USA where everyone can speak their opinion and everyone can ignore what they don’t believe. I do hope the truth comes out. I did see a video from a year ago when Jackie fell on stage in heels, a long dress and glass stairs while singing. Add that to a little bump in the voyage and it’s possibly a recipe for disaster. Possibly she had a physical condition that is as yet unknown. I hope all theories are investigated so that this kind of tragedy doesn’t happen to anyone else.

  • Kathy Kastrinelis

    I have read all of the above comments for the first time today. My family and I are traveling a long and difficult path. Thank you all for your kind and caring words. We miss our Jackie every day. As of now her cause of death is undetermined. This is very difficult for us and we are awaiting a final decision from the coroner in Australia. I do not want information from people who were not with Jackie on this ship. Please only contact me if you were with Jackie on the Voyager and have information. Thank you, Kathy

  • Kathleen Kastrinelis

    Hello to all,

    I am Jackie’s mother, Kathy Kastrinelis. I’ve read through the comments to date…..thank you for your kind and loving comments about our Jackie. As stated in the update, we are still seeking a cause of death for our Jackie. It is heartbreaking but we are committed to finding out the truth. Australian authorities have stopped communication with us at this time stating that the Attorney General in Australia is looking into Jackie’s death. I hope and pray that this is true, but so far we have not heard anything. Thank you all for sharing what you know and taking the time to remember our girl.

    Sincerely, Kathy Kastrinelis