The Panama-flagged and Italian-operated container ship MSC Eugenia leaked oil while leaving Freeport Harbor in the Grand Bahama island en route to Port Everglades earlier in the week. The ship returned to the port and berthed. Reportedly more than 10 tons of oil has leaked, although the source of the leak has not been disclosed. 

Today the Freeport News reported that tar balls have been discovered on Coral Beach in the Bahamas. Tourists experienced tar on their hands and feet after walking on the sand or swimming in the ocean. 

The Eugenia apparently went into drydock to repair the leak and subsequently departed the Bahamas and is currently in South Florida.

MSC is one of the largest shipping companies in the world and also operates cruise ships.

MSC Eugenia Leak Oil Bahamas 

Photo credit: MSC Eugenia – Minería Chilena