I’m not always right.

Despite the ego that I have grown to compete in the dog-eat-dog world of cruise line litigation against Fortune 200 cruise corporations in Miami Florida, every day I realize that I, too, make errors of perception, of judgment, and of acknowledgment.

Last year, I wrote an article about what I thought were the "top 12 best cruise blogs."  Boy did I make a major mistake.  I omitted one of the best cruise line blogs around. 

Peter Knego - Martin Cox - Maritime Matters Martin Cox’s "Maritime Matters" is brilliant.

It has the perfect balance of current cruise news coupled with fascinating historical chronicles of the cruise industry.

What peaked my interest into publisher Mr. Cox’s extraordinary website were the recent and utterly fascinating stories of co-editor Peter Knego’s Journey to Giglio and his trip to explore the first and only atomic cruise ship the N/S SAVANNAH. The photography, information and perspective are rather amazing.

Take a minute, leave my blog of admittedly depressing stories of crimes against cruise passengers and mistreatment of crew members and other bad cruise line news. Travel through Maritime Matters‘ entertaining world of cruise lines, past and future.

Cruise Law News’ grade of Maritime Matters?  A+


Photo credit: Peter Knego