Lyndsey O'Brien - Costa Coffin Cruise ShipsIn March of 2006 I attended the second of seven cruise ship hearings in Washington D.C. regarding cruise ship crimes and missing passengers.

The most compelling cruise story featured at the hearing was the case of Lynsey O’Brien, a fifteen year old Irish girl traveling with her family aboard the Costa Magica cruise ship. During the cruise, the Costa bartenders served 15-year-old Lyndsey 10 drinks. A newspaper in Ireland wrote "in a period of 45 minutes his 15-year-old daughter was served 10 drinks in a bar on the cruise ship, two Sex on the Beach, four Woo Woos, two vodka and mixers, a shot of vodka and liqueurs."

Lyndsey went overboard while trying to vomit over the railing. She has never been found. Her mom and dad, two sisters and brother returned to Ireland from the Costa cruise without their sister. 

Lynsey’s father Paul O’Brien just published a book a week ago about the horrendous experience of losing a child during what should be a holiday cruise and then ending up in a lawsuit against the cruise line which killed your daughter.

Mr. O’Brien’s book is called Lynsey’s Law Costa Coffin Cruise Ships & Obama.  He has a facebook page about his experience as well. 

July 9 2012 Update:  A newspaper in Ireland reports today on the death of Lynsey’s father, Paul O’Brien at age 49.

  • XYZ

    Nowadays its difficult. Every person has a cruise card and all the details are fed in the barcode/magnetic strip.So everytime you buy a drink u have to present ur cruise card which is then swiped in the MICROS. So if ur below the legal age ur card is rejected. But swiping the card is not the only option u can manually feed in the details like Cabin No. I have seen many parent buy drinks for their kids or allowing them to drink liquor/wines even if they are below the permissible age. Well u can say that the bartender can deny them a drink but UK people are always complaining so they are left with no option since the crew members job is at risk.

  • Milos

    Voleo bi da je procitam…

  • vicki

    I would like to know if you have read the book? I haven’t read the book but have read a few inserts. It’s seems like the family need to be in therapy and not on a cruise ship. Why would any parent allow a child who has tried to commit suicide wonder around a ship alone? Maybe the parents should be sued or better yet sent to JAIL!!!!

  • Vicki:

    What should happen to the cruise line?

    Jim Walker


    I think the cruise lines should be held responsible but so should the parents. The bartender should be fired and should serve jail time. Serving alcohol to someone underage is not expectable. Nor is it expectable that the parents allowed their child to wonder the ship knowing she had mental issues. If you really want to point fingers then maybe we should start with the therapist that was concealing this family. What I see here is a family that is grieving and mad at them selves for allowing this to happen. Now they are seeking money for a wrongful death. This will not bring their daughter back nor will it make them feel any better.

    I would like to know why you didn’t answer any of my questions? I would also like to know why your posts are always one sided. As we all know there are always TWO sides to every story. It would be nice if you tried to report that.

  • Toni


    its ACCEPTABLE, not EXPECTABLE. Learn how to spell.