Rossario Shaggy Rodrigues - Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Serenade of the SeasEarlier this month we wrote about a Royal Caribbean crew member disappearing from the Serenade of the Seas.  Our article – Another Crew Member Goes Overboard From Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas – was widely read.  We also posted the article on facebook and received many, many comments.

We also posted additional information on facebook asking whether Royal Caribbean is pushing its crew members to the brink?  

Several hundred thousands of people read these posts.

In response, we received information that the missing Royal Caribbean crew member is a young man from Goa, India named Rossario Rodrigues. He is single with a brother working on a different cruise line. His mother provided a photograph of her son (above left).

What happened to Mr. Rodrigues?

Why did he go overboard?

Why was he the second crew members to "disappear" from the Serenade of the Seas in three weeks?

A photograph from his facebook page shows him full of life sitting on a motorcycle, undoubtedly not his own but in his dreams no doubt.  Why would a young man with his whole life ahead of him somehow "disappear" with no explanation and no trace?

The cruise line is not saying.  His mother knows nothing other than her son is not returning to Goa. 

Rossario Shaggy Rodrigues - Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas Cruise ShipWe have been informed that Mr. Rodrigues had a dispute with his supervisor, which we cannot confirm.  But who can confirm anything when someone goes overboard in the middle of the night from a cruise ship?

This is the way that cruises lines want it. 

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein reports that over 190 people have gone overboard from cruise ships in the last decade or so. Most are never found, and no real explanation is offered. Troubling statistics. Troubling attitude by the cruise lines.

Certainly someone knows something. If you do, please contact us. Leave a comment below, or comment on our facebook page, or contact me privately at my email address 

Don’t let Mr. Rodriques be just another statistic.

  • Ghandi

    Just quit from rcl a monht ago,rcl should be a civilised company,crew special from dining services and
    cabin attendant have life like no tomorow.
    Our old timers onborad always saying that before was to be much harder but the money so far much better.
    Poor life onboard,bad food,rude surpervisors,feeling like exploited every single day…
    God bless MR Rodrigues,have peace forever !!

    MISERABLE RCL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ajay

    same case happen to one of my friend . Is there is any body who knows Mr. Rodrigues Family? If yes please contact me on my email ID –

  • Bsktofdreams

    Now the negative about my cruise…

    We cruised with Royal Caribbean from Port Liberty in New Jersey. I really did not want to go during the impending storm, but the choice for us was to go on the cruise or lose our money,… Not a good choice to have to make. We were told that under no circumstances would we receive a refund from the Royal Caribbean international Corporation… Even if we had cruise insurance this was the fact

    Our captain did an Excellent job ,but on day two and six it was very rough… Decks were closed very little to do except eat, and rooms were destroyed. A lot of people sick, and hard to move with the rocking, which was dangerous.

    I feel Royal Caribbean put the mighty dollar in front of human
    Caring compassion.

    The ship never should’ve left port, they knew it would be rocky and possibly dangerous to those trying to walk and work on the ship.

    People who had to park at the Bayonne lot lost their cars to the storm.

    The day of boarding we were promised update the 10 o’clock they did not come too close to 11 AM…

    Thank you to our captain who has 50 years experience and said that this was a hurricane of the century and one he’s never experienced with a cruise ship… His communication skills and navigation were wonderful…

    But I say to you Royal Caribbean Corporation shame on you

  • melroy fernandes

    rccl management just verbally abuses crews and then deny and compromise witness, even after calling hotline no action is taken, we work with broken trollies at back of the house and the trollies going in guest area must be new and in good condition to prevent guest accident and to showoff but the galley crew have to use broken one, and if a crewmember goes to medical for back pain or any pain we need to wait for hours in waiting room and we get only i-brufen 800mg which is a royal Caribbean doctors tradition