A couple of my friends on Twitter asked me about a maritime law blog in Miami which tweets under the Twitter handle @cruiseshiplaw. They were confused whether it was my blog, because it looked strikingly just like mine and had a similar name.

I clicked on the blog and, yes, it looks pretty much just like mine. A big white cruise ship in the upper right corner and the same blue theme.

Its a blog by my main competitor for cruise line clients. Very good lawyers no doubt.  But why rip off my design?  

IJim Walker Cruise Law News Blog - Miami Florida Law Blog have an approach in life and in my blog to give credit where credit is due. So when I write about maritime lawyers in Miami winning cases against the cruise lines I credit them by name.

But this blog not only copied my design but actually writes about our cases.  Look to the right and you can see the article "Carnival Cruise Lines May Be Liable For Child’s Death." That’s a precedent setting case against Carnival where we recently prevailed in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal, which we wrote about earlier this month.

Ah another law firm sponging, mooching, free-loading and otherwise riding on our coattails.

No worries.

I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

  • Colonel

    The site your competitors built isn’t even a “real” blog. As far as I can tell, they don’t allow comments on their posts, and they are pretty much just regurgitating news and adding spammy links back to their main firm site. They don’t link out to other sites.

    It’s admirable of you to call them good lawyers, which I have heard they are as well. But by copying your design and not participating in the “conversation,” they are only adding to the stereotype of lawyers online trolling for cases and hurting the reputation of the entire plaintiffs’ bar.