A puke fest is underway on the Carnival Glory cruise ship, with passengers taking to the message boards at Cruise Critic to comment that passengers are suffering from diarrhea and other norovirus-like symptoms,

The message board states that Carnival prepared a letter to passengers this weekend that passengers on the prior cruise experienced norovirus sickness. Several passengers are stating that the current cruise has been plagued by norovirus as well.  Some comments mention the strong smell of vomit in public areas of the cruise ship.  

One passenger comments that the Centers for Disease control (CDC) came onto the Glory on August 9th.  

Carnival Glory Norovirus Outbreak Cruise ShipThere has been no official determination by the CDC yet. According to the CDC, cruise line calling on U.S. ports are required to report the total number of gastrointestinal (GI) illness cases evaluated by the medical staff when the GI illness count exceeds 2% of the total number of passengers or crew on board.

Last year there were 14 official cases of norovirus on cruise ships.

The usual debate is taking place about where the virus comes from, how it’s spread and how the cruise lines is handling the outbreak.   The cruise industry bristles at the label "cruise ship virus" and always blames the passengers for not washing their hands and spreading the virus. The fact of the matter is that no one is conducting a scientific analysis to determine the origin of the virus notwithstanding the CDC’s findings that the most common cause of norovirus on cruise ships in contaminated food or water.  

Some people are commenting that Carnival is doing a good job dealing with the outbreak, while others are saying that the cruise line is not disclosing the true number of affected passengers to avoid an official determination that the outbreak is norovirus related.

The last norovirus involved the Sun Princess during a July  8 – 21st sailing.  

Augyst 13, 2012 Update: The CDC says that the type of virus is "unknown."   This is the ninth gastrointestinal outbreak aboard a cruise ship calling on a U.S. port this year. 


Photo credit: Mark Davis via Wikimedia

  • Susan

    I had a group of 24 on this sailing and all but 6 got sick. They told me there were nearly 100 passengers on line at the infirmary on Wed. AM-3rd morning out.

  • Marc

    Norovirus cruise ? Thanks,no more ever!

  • Karen

    My husband and two children were sick. Not a fun time on the “Fun-ship”

  • Brian

    I was aboard the Glory from the 11th to the 15th with a party of 11. We knew about the issues on the prior sailing but were unaware it continued with ours. All in all, we all had a good time on the Glory.

  • Anita

    Are there any reports of people getting sick with fever and headache from this cruise?

  • Peggyann

    there were 13 of us on the carnival glory august 25th thru the 30th. 10 of us came back sick. any others??

  • adam

    we just got off the carnival glory 3 days ago! almost everyone is sick! like very very sick!

  • Kevin

    There were three of us on this cruise, and 5 more at our table… NONE of us were sick. Most likely some were sick from the rough seas and/or drinking/eating too much and blaming the cruise line.