It’s approaching six months since the death of ill fated Costa Concordia.  But it seems like yesterday that the renegade Costa captain crashed the $500 million cruise ship ingloriously into the granite underwater rocks surrounding the little island of Giglio, terrorizing over four thousand passengers and crew and killing innocent souls who were simply trying to enjoy a vacation cruise.   

But the news today is not about the Concordia disaster. Cruise bookings are up for Costa, the travel experts tell us. The reports of the demise of the Costa brand predicted earlier this year, are old and now disregarded. Costa has brought a brand new cruise ship online with great fanfare. Things are looking up for the cruise lines, the cruise lines tell us.

Carnival Cruise Line - Costa Concordia Disaster - Micky Arison The last thing on the mind of CEO Arison of Carnival Cruise Lines, the owner of Costa, is the death, doom and gloom associated with the Concordia disaster.  Arison is a happy camper. He just celebrated his multi-million dollar Miami Heat basketball team winning another NBA championship.

The champagne is still flowing.

Fat cat cruise CEO’s like Arison don’t lose sleep over disasters. OK, 32 dead. It could have been worse.  Shit happens.  A 500 million dollar cruise line lying on its side in the water. Thank Poseidon, God of the Sea, that we are fully insured for the hull and lost revenues. I’m still worth billions. Let’s move on. Is the Heat going to win the championship?  

That’s how billionaire Arison thinks.  He misses no sleep worrying about dead customers.  

But there are people who haven’t forgotten the terror of January 13th.  There are passengers and crew members who can’t sleep because of the terror of that night.  There are parents, spouses and children who grieve their dead children, soul mates and parents.         

What do the families of the Concordia victims think watching the spectacle of Arison on TV laughing and holding his NBA championship trophy over his head?  

Do the the families of the dead awake in the middle of the night triggered by the thought that those responsible for killing their family members care not an iota for their loves ones’ suffering while holding NBA trophies and drinking champagne? 

  • Toni

    Hi Jim,

    I read your blog often and agree with just about everything you speak of. I am very weary and cautious about cruising thanks to the knowledge and information of your blog however, I dont really see what the Miami Heat has to do with the tragedy of the Costa Concordia. The team is celebrating and rightfully so, they won a championship. As dissapointed as I am about Mickey Arison and the way he handled the capsizing of the Concordia I do not believe that one thing has to do with another. Maybe Mickey should be attacked on a personal level and allow the players to celebrate….just as they should for they have earned it.

  • Mickey_d_mouse

    Hi, read your blog, they have indeed forgotten about us, they refuse to offer reasonable compensation to those that don’t want to join the class actions which only make the lawyers fat. They don’t even reply to emails and phone calls asking them to provide the opportunity to board a cruise ship just to see if we still can. They forgot us the minute they hit the rock and have treated us like crap from then to now.

    Three of the forgotten passengers.