Last evening, a member of Cruise Critic commented that his father was sailing on the Carnival Spirit to Hawaii and texted him that a passenger went overboard in the Pacific.

Another passenger on board the cruise ship posted this comment:

They announced a Bravo Bravo about 45 mins ago. They then came on and announced it was a passenger that went over and we were circling around to look for them. Another announcement came that we were heading straight for them and were about two miles out. They asked everyone to look out for the passenger. Finally, a life boat went out and they announced the passenger was alright and in "Good Condition."

Some cruisers on the message board suggest that the passenger jumped from the Serenity deck, as ironic as that may be.

Great news the passenger was quickly rescued.

Rescue of overboard passengers and crew is relatively uncommon.  Last year in June, a passenger from the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship was rescued near New Orleans after going overboard into the Mississippi River en route to a seven day Western Caribbean cruise.  One of the most dramatic rescues occurred last October when a passenger went overboard from the P & O Ventura, in the dark, in the middle of the Atlantic, and yet was rescued.  Read: A Miracle In Dark Waters

If anyone has photos or video of this latest rescue, please leave a comment below. 

Carnival’s statement is below:

April 17, 2012 – 10:35 a.m. EDT

Yesterday, while the Carnival Spirit was en route to Hawaii, a 28-year-old man was witnessed jumping overboard. Search and rescue operations were initiated and the guest was located and brought back on board where he was treated at the ship’s medical center.

Carnival’s CareTeam is providing its support to the guest and his family.

Carnival Spirit is currently sailing on a 15-day Hawaii cruise that departed San Diego on April 13 and will return to San Diego on April 28.


  • Gail hicks

    my mom and sister and brother in law are on the spirit now and was there when the man jumped. my brother in law has the whole rescure on video. if you leave me an email address when he returns I will have him get ahold of you

  • Sharon

    My husband and I were on the Carnival Spirit when the man jumped and I was told by a crew member that he was bi-polar and off his meds. When Captain Volpi announced that we had reached the point of no return, the guy thought we were under siege, took his shoes off in the Serenity section (adult section) of the ship and jumped off the back of the boat. He and his family were disenbarked at our first port of call (Hilo) and taken to a hospital.

  • DD

    Let’s just get a few things straight. This did not happen shortly after cpt. Volpi announced we were in the middle of nowhere, he said that the night before. The captain, was in fact at our table in the Empire Dining Room asking us our experience when the “Bravo, Bravo Portside” came over the loudspeaker. The man who jumped was not married as is being alluded to. He had a 7 year old daughter that my daughter befriended on the ship. They were not disembarked in Hilo. The family all stayed on the ship. He was flown back to California after our stop in Kona. We became very close to the family and my husband actually saw him and pointed him out to a crew member who radioed the rescue mission. He was not stupid, I spoke to him the day before for over an hour and he was fine. Mental health needs to be taken more seriously, it was such a sad situation for his family and people should not be so quick to judge. Carnival responded so quickly and professionally! They were amazing and even recognized our efforts in searching by sending us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to our room along with a signed letter from the captain. It was not Carnivals fault, they did an amazing job at responding to an emergency situation.

  • JJ

    Thank you DD for your correction to all the previous statements. He is a close family friend and I grew up with him across the street. We never thought such a thing could happen but unfortunately it has but he is doing much better now. People need to understand that being bipolar is a war within itself.

  • Tony

    They forgot to mention he was strangely staring at the water for about forty min. Then finally decided to jump. It was crazy because when we all looked down to see him he was just waving. Not saying help me. Pretty much saying bye. The guy that threw the first booie was in my group. What a crazy cruise.

  • Jim

    My wife and I were in a trivia game when the announcement came, I left the game to help in the search I was fortunate enough to spot him. I later was speaking with Captain Volpi (a great guy) and the people who were with him when He jumped, He had been clowning around on the rail, his friends kept telling him to knock it off, finally one of them warned if he did it again he was going to kick his A** He Said I’m cool I’m cool and walked away from the rail.Half way across the deck, He stopped kicked off his shoes ran and vaulted over the rail. On his way down he hit a life boat and broke his collar bone and broke an ear drum when he hit the water. Immediately he was thrown two life jackets he missed the first but held on to the second until the rescue boat picked him up. In Hilo he was taken of in a straight jacket by authorities