A New York online newspaper in Manhattan, DNAinfo.com, reports that the Norwegian Star cruise ship collided with the U.S.S. Intrepid aircraft carrier this morning while the cruise ship was trying to dock at the harbor in Manhattan.

The aircraft carrier is part of the Intrepid Museum and is moored at the harbor.  

Passengers on the NCL cruise ship dispute that the ship struck the carrier.  Passengers leaving comments indicate that the Norwegian Star struck the pier next to the carrier.  

The 965-foot-long cruise ship – which was on its first trip to New York this season – was struggling to dock Friday morning because of "heavy winds and choppy waters," Norwegian Cruise Line officials said in an email.

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship Collides USS IntrepidAccording to the Manhattan newspaper, witnesses said the cruise ship tried to reverse course in order to dock, but was unsuccessful.

"He tried four times, up and back, up and back, four times," said Drago Ivanko, an elevator porter on Pier 88, referring to the ship operator. "It was windy, low tide. When there’s low tide, the river started going a little faster."

John Chiaradio, 49, who was on the cruise with his wife, Sheli, said he could feel the impact.

"He hit about mid-ship on the starboard side," said Chiaradio, of Bristol, Conn.

"It was loud. It sounded like sticks breaking. Big sticks."

This is the last thing the cruise industry needs for the public to imagine, cruise ships unable to handle low tide and moderate winds, crashing into a pier next to a retired aircraft carrier from our Navy’s fleet. 

This is not the first time that a NCL cruise ship struck a pier in Manhattan.  In May 2008, the Norwegian Spirit struck a pier in the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.  Professional Mariner reported:

"The 1,074-foot cruise ship was headed upriver with the intention of docking at Pier 88, just south of Pier 90, the Coast Guard said. The vessel was returning from an eight-day voyage to the Caribbean, with about 2,000 passengers and 1,100 crew.

As is routine, Norwegian Spirit made a single, uninterrupted sweeping turn to starboard in an attempt to slip into Pier 88. Unfortunately, the turn was too wide and the crew failed to back down in time, said Lt. Thomas Casey, a Coast Guard investigator.

‘The starboard side of the vessel moors to the north side of Pier 88,” Casey said. “She is a large vessel, and it’s a pretty tight area. She wound up striking the side of Pier 90.’"




Video credit:  jmchiaradio (youtube)

  • Daniel

    It’s no more than your wife backing your pickup into yoour garage. Why make an elephant out of a mole?

  • Diane

    I was on the ship on my honeymoon. We definately struck the pier on our 4th attempt to dock. It hit pretty hard and you heard the cracking and snapping of the pier. You felt it hit too. I took pictures as we hit. The currents were to strong and we got closer and closer until the people on the pier ran away and we struck the side of the ship to the end of the pier. It was definately a memorable end to my honeymoon.

  • Toni


    Why make an elephant out of a mole??? Seriously!?! Judging by your comment I assume you were one of the people who also saw the Costa Concordia disaster as “no big deal”. Your lack of concern and compassion for those on the cruise ship is pathetic. People COULD HAVE been hurt, but no big deal right? So long as it didnt affect you than it is a mole instead of an elephant, right? Comparing a gigantic cruise ship striking a pier while holding 100’s if not 1000’s of people on board is hardly comparable to “your wife backing into your garage”. Your comment is ignorant.

  • Rob Dalrymple

    It is not the Captain’s fault in this case. All ports have a Local Pilot. Someone who takes the Ship from about a 1/4 mile out and bring into the Pier. It was the local New York Ass Wipe who hit the Pier.

  • Andrea

    We are going on this ship in April 2013. What repairs have been made on the Norwegian Star since the crash at the intrepid?

  • Gloria bennett

    Have repairs been made on Norwegian Star since it hit pier in New York and got loose from its moorings in September 2012? We’re going on it in March with our family. A bit concerned.