Yesterday a U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter medevaced a 47 year old woman female off a cruise ship.  The cruise ship was approximately 115 miles northeast of Cape Henry.  

The captain of the cruise ship Norwegian Jewel cruise ship contacted the Coast Guard at around 5 PM, reporting they had a passenger with severe abdominal pains who needed medical attention ashore.
An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew and an HC-130 Hercules airplane crew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C. were dispatched to the scene.  The helicopter crew hoisted the woman and her husband off the cruise ship at approximately 7 PM.
The couple were taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.


Credit:  U.S. Coast Guard

  • That’s what we do, at taxpayer’s expense…and we do a damn good job at saving life’s at sea. With absolutely no cost incurred by the cruise line, or the passenger involved.

  • Ron DiProfio

    Mr. Walker,

    Excellent blog; I read it almost daily. This incident brings to mind the question of what the capabilities of cruise ship medical personnel is. Given some of your recent blog items such as norovirus and personal assaults, what can passengers expect if they are sick or injured? May I suggest that you might comment on this subject in a future blog.

  • Kathryn

    This video is of me being taken off the cruise ship. The efforts by everyone involved were outstanding. I will forever be grateful for everything everyone did to help me. I had surgery for a ruptured ovary as soon as we arrived at the hospital. I love the coast guard and am glad my taxes help pay for those fantastic, well trained people. They are tops on my list.

  • Jordan Young

    That was my grandmother that was rescued from that cruise ship. She is fine now, I cannot believe that this happened, I’m thankful she was ok.

  • Lindsay

    I was on this cruise , my very first cruise. I was nervous at first when we were told a helicopter would be coming to get a woman who was ill. I was by the pool when the helicopter showed up and was actually very please at how the whole event rolled out. The captain did not take a chance and the emergency rescue was well planned. I have always wondered if you were ok?? So glad to know you are 🙂