Ruby Princess - NorovirusPrincess Cruises’ Ruby Princess cruise ship experienced a norovirus outbreak with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reporting that 129 passengers 9 crewmembers suffered gastrointestinal illness.

The Ruby Princess was on a 7 day cruise from February 26 to March 4, 2012 out of Fort Lauderdale. 

The Ruby Princess suffered another outbreak last month, although the prior sickness was not reported or investigated by the CDC.

The cruise industry has struggled with gastrointestinal outbreaks this year, some outbreaks reported by the CDC, some not, with Princess Cruises and the Royal Caribbean/Celebrity ships leading the cruise puke fest.

Here is a list of cases I have reported on just this year:

Princess’ Ruby Princess Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas Celebrity’ Constellation

Princess’ Crown Princess (two sailings) Celebrity’s Silhouette Cruise Sickness - Norovirus

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas

Princess’ Ruby Princess 

P & O Aurora.

There has been a sick cruise ship virtually every week this year. 

Only cruise ships calling on U.S. ports are required to report sickness outbreaks to the CDC.  Cruise line are required to make the report only when 3% or more of passengers or crew reported symptoms of diarrheal disease to the ships medical staff during the voyage.

Under-reporting occurs regularly because many passengers can’t make it away from their toilets due to diarrhea, and some passengers don’t want to be confined to their cabins. Crewmembers often work while sick.


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  • carol orlans

    Scheduled to go on board the Ruby Princess Saturday March 18th. Not sure we want to go. This is the third time for this ship in the last month. What can we do to prevent illness. Can we get a full refund if we cancel ??

  • shirley gagne

    No. I tried to cancel a few wks. ago for the 24th and was told I could get a half refund. I would think in good faith, Princess would allow people to cancel with a full refund because it’ll be nerve-wracking to be on the ship. This will be our last cruise.

  • Paul jones

    Crown princess was sick the week ending 3/17. Much special cabin cleaning noted by personnel in special gear. We were fine…… The ship recommends you only use your cabin toilet, wash hands as often as possible, and limits the use of shared items like salt and pepper. If you go to breakfast a nd do not see the salt and pepper on the table odds are that you are on a sick ship.

  • Debbie

    Just returned 3/19 on the Ruby Princess. We had no sick passengers that I was aware of. We brought with us WetOnes wipes which contains the antibacterial that kills Norovirus, we sanitized our entire cabin upon arrival. We also took our own liquid antibacterial soap for the bathroom which is much easier and more sanitary than bar soap.

  • Andrea

    Returned home from the Ruby Princess Mar 18-25, 2012. There were 5 of us and we were all fine. Didn’t touch anything we didn’t have to. Took our own liquid soap and antibacterial wipes to wipe things down in our cabins. Did see a few areas taped off that said closed for sanitation in the table areas of buffet but that may have had to do with the rocking of the boat. Seas were kind of rough some days so I’m assuming sea sickness as I did’t hear anyone talking about being sick otherwise.

  • C. Feltham

    Just got back from an Eastern Carribean cruise on Ruby Princess and do not feel lije there was widespread outbreak. Ship was being cleaned constantly.

  • R.B.

    Just got off the Ruby Princess’ 3/3/13-3/10/13 sailing. At the debarkation breakfast this morning, when we asked a crew member about the change in procedure at the buffet, he denied the ship was experiencing a norovirus outbreak. Then while we were eating, the commodore publicly announced an “increase in gastrointestinal illnesses.” The customs agent confirmed that there were a large number of illnesses aboard the ship. Where can we find the CDC announcement?

  • d k

    I fell ill on the Ruby Princess during our 3/3/13 – 3/10/13 cruise. I was told to not leave my cabin eventhough the rest of my party was set to disembark. I chose to leave with my party because I was getting no real explaination for their request. I am still very ill with the Norovirus.
    Unfortunately I had a very uncomfortable ending to what was a delightful weeks cruise.

  • m w

    Me and my wife were on ruby princess mar 3 to 10 she got norovirus. Just wondering how many more people were infected???

  • Dale Thorson

    This is the first cruise that my wife and myself have
    ever taken ,the service and the food were excellent all through the 7 day trip from 3/03-3/09 in the evening of 3/09 around 9:00 pm I took ill,I have never ever been sick like this before . I’m just getting over the soreness of my stomach from vomiting 8 to 10 times all night long,I feel like someone had used me for a punching bag. There must be a weak link in the ships crew in the way they clean things in the kitchen .Who ever it is needs to be removed from the Ruby Princess if they plan on staying in business.
    From what I have read lately about sicknes of this type on cruise ships it will be a very long time before I dare to put my wife and myself through this again, my wife also become sick just after we got off the ship on 3/10/13.

  • Dyane

    We were a group of 11 people to celebrate our mother 90th birthday on the Ruby Princess March 3 to 10, 2013. We noticed before we left a lot of people were coughing. The day we left the ship we started coughing and 4 of us got respiratory infection , missed work and were put on antibiotics. One of us got also a gastro and vomit all day. My mother is still sick and very weak since that time. I would like to know if other people got ill too.

  • carol marcilac

    Was there Norovirus on the Ruby Princess March 10th through the 17th out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.?

  • Patricia Stringrr

    I have just come home from a ten day cruise on Ruby Princess. Unfortunately I took severe gastrointestinal sickness at the end of the first week and then my husband took ill too. It really spoiled what had the potential to be a great cruise. Ship, crew, entertainment, shore excursions and food all great….hygiene must not have been as good as it could have been. I would agree that if you are cruising you should take your own antibacterial wipes and wipe down all surfaces in your cabin . I wish I had… Anybody out there experienced the same problem during June/July on Ruby Princess?

  • Ann

    We just booked a cruise for Jan 27, 2014.. Are people still getting sick? Maybe we need to change..please respond …thanks in advance…

  • Janice agudo

    Is there any stomach illness lately on ruby princess? When was the last reported?

  • Robert Modell

    1/4/2015- Just returned from a 7-day Mexico Rivieria cruise on the Crown Princess. Only 18 cases of virus reported (.5%) which probably compares to that of the general on-shore population. The ship has gone to great lengths to promote cleanliness such as requiring passenger hand washing before meals and no self service in the buffet restaurant (the staff serves all food). I will cruise again with no serious concern except to make sure I bring Pepto-Bismol pills along.