Costa Cruises Brand - Smokestack LogoSeatrade Insider has an interesting article today entitled "Costa Battles Media Onslaught, Concordia Scams."

The article raises the issue whether there is a future for the Costa Crociere brand following the Concordia disaster.   The article quotes Costa CEO Pier Luigi Foschi admitting that Costa’s sales across the fleet are 35% below the same period last year.

But even if sales pick up, what long term damage did the Concordia crash cause Costa?  The Seatrade article explains that Foschi told an Italian newspaper that "we have been annihilated in the media. Our brand has been massacred . . . "   He went on to complain of the " . . . enormous attack of the mass media, for the most part unfair and unverified."  (emphasis added) 

I have never hear of such frank and dire talk by a cruise CEO. 

A couple of newspapers here in the US asked me for my opinion on how the Costa Concordia spectacle will affect the parent company, Carnival Corporation, and the cruise industry in general.  I stated that the Concordia is only one of over 100 cruise ships in the Carnival fleet.  Carnival is the proverbial 800 pound gorilla.  And its so diversified with multiple brands line Costa, Cunard, Princess, Holland America Lines and so on that even the loss of a $500 million luxury cruise ship (representing a little over 1% of its fleet) will be nothing but a blip on the screen of Carnival’s financial bottom line.

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship - Costa BrandAs far as the cruise industry, the thought of the Concordia heading into the rocks while Captain Schettino dined with his girlfriend and then abandoned ship is going to be a headache for the industry for a long time.

And what about Costa?

Will Costa be forever stigmatized by this disaster?

Costa has a strong brand identity.  Its logo is beautiful, with the distinctive blue "C" emblazoned on a yellow smokestack.

But will the public ever forget the Costa Concordia‘s smokestack at a 45 degree angle, sticking out of the water off the coast of Giglio, with 15 dead passengers trapped inside the ship?   

Do you have an opinion of whether Costa will weather the storm and continue as one of the premier European cruise brands?  Please leave a comment below.


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  • Ricki Le Vine

    New-to-cruising guests will probably opt not to sail Costa. Those who are experienced cruisers will recognize that it was an irresponsible captain that caused the travesty, not the company itself. Yet, there are nagging concerns about why Costa did permit such poorly trained crew–that is inexcusable. From almost all reports, most of the crew members did not respond in a professional manner to the emergency, and why were untrained personnel piloting the tenders? I’m certain that captains are carefully vetted, but how did Schettino get selected? Was this cowardly and unprofessional behavior a one-time aberration of an otherwise good captain, or were there warning signs before this tragic incident?

  • Robert Barker

    The longer that ship sits sideways in the water, the worse it will be for them. They need to be working night and day to get that ship back uprighted and to the dock to either repair or take apart. They seem to be dragging it on and that’s the worse they can do.

  • Emir
  • In my opinion, I think the Concordia disaster might be too much for the company to recover from. I’m not a huge fan of cruises, simply because I don’t like being trapped on open water, but I certainly wouldn’t travel with Costa for fear of something similar happening.

  • BelladiBoston

    Do Not Confuse The Issues:
    Please do not confuse the issues with the incident that happened on the Costa Concordia as a free pass to trash the whole Cruise Line of the Cruise Industry. That in itself is very evil and mal intended.

    I have been on many cruises and on the Carnival, Cunard and MSC. I have to say my experiences were all positive ones. The Captains were of the utmost, professional and focused on guests and cruise safety.

    Accidents happen all the time, and people all people have free will and sometimes they choose wrong. But, with all of this one must hold on to human courtesy and goodness and learn from errors. We pray for all those that have lost their lives through no fault of their own, and pray for all those that are in jeopardy of losing themselves if they do not redirect their passions and find the way to Life, which is one way only, The righteous way that needs no explanation. God help us all and let us be kind.

  • BelladiBoston

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