A newspaper in the Cayman Islands is reporting that a 56 year old cruise ship passenger was found dead in the water Wednesday afternoon.

The cruise passenger was found floating on the water by people on a boat in Coral Gardens. They lifted the man onto their vessel, but found he was unconscious and unresponsive to CPR. He was transported to a yacht club where paramedics were waiting and then transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, but was found to be dead on arrival.Cayman Islands Drowning Death Cruise Ship

This incident sounds identical to the death of another cruise passenger in the same area. Last December a 71 year old cruise passenger from North Carolina was found dead in the water in the Coral Gardens area and taken to the same yacht club and hospital where he was pronounced dead. You can read about the death last year here.

The name of the latest cruise passenger to have died in Cayman Islands waters was not released. The name of the cruise ship was also not released.

If you have information about this latest fatality, please leave a comment below.  


Photo credit:  photos4travel / @patrix99

  • Hey James,
    I just received an email from one of my blog readers that was apparently on this cruise. She said the man was sailing on the Carnival Valor, the same ship she was on.

  • marie

    Yes, that is correct. He was on the Carnival Valor and was also on the boat that my husband and I were on for the stingray excursion. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • clint

    All relevent news articles and posts have been expunged. This was first reported by Cay 27. Something seems wrong here.