The MSC Poesia cruise ship ran aground into a reef in the Bahamas this weekend while sailing to  Port Lucaya near Freeport, Bahamas.

The 93,000-ton cruise ship needs twenty-five feet of draft but sailed into only fifteen (15) feet of water.  The video below show that the vessel ground into and destroyed a substantial length of the fragile reef.

Several tugs were called to prevent the cruise ship from further grinding into the reef as the wind tried to push the vessel into more shallow water. 

MSC was not able to get off the reef until high tide.  According to Cruise Radio where I first learned of the grounding, the incident did not stop the cruise ship from tendering cruise passengers to Port Lucaya.  Ed Owen who writes for the Examiner also was one of the first to report on this incident.

Were you on the Poesia when it ran aground?  Do you have photos, video or comments to share?


Video credit:   YouTube (Fredgbscuba) 

  • edward sanford

    I cant believe it!! I had such a wonderful time when I went on the Poesia what a shame the crew and captian were not more careful!!!

  • Richard Tauzin

    I was on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas in Jamaica on 12 Jan 2012 with the MSC Poesia docked next to us. It was leaving one hour before us and I watched the Poesia leave port. On departure the rear of the ship collided with the dock and left damage to the concrete dock and side of ship. The contact with the dock left a gash about 15 feet long and 4 inches deep. The MSC Poesia continued out of port and ran over a stationary orange buoy and destroyed and sank it. Could not tell if hull was damaged but the MSC Poesia continued cruising to next port.

  • Captain Perry P Walter