A number of readers of our blog have contacted us asking for information about a jet ski mishap where a cruise passenger apparently died in the Bahamas on November 24th.

The incident reportedly occurred after the cruise passenger rented a jet ski at the Atlantis resort in Nassau.  The passenger had sailed to Nassau aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship.

There are no news accounts regarding the incident which we have been able to find.  

 One reader wrote to us saying: 

" . . . I think it would be good to have more openness so that people can make better informed decisions about activities when they go on vacation. I think it’s atrocious that it is obviously being covered up. I also checked all avenues before I wrote you a note. It is real but I don’t know how to get the information out."

The U.S. Department of State has the following warning about water sports rentals in the Bahamas:

"The water sports and scooter rental industries in The Bahamas are not carefully regulated.  Every year people are killed or injured due to improper, careless, or reckless operation of scooters, jet-skis, and personal watercraft or scuba/snorkeling equipment.  Visitors should rent equipment only from reputable operators, and should insist on sufficient training before using the equipment. There have been reports that some operators do not actually provide insurance coverage even when the renter opted (and paid) for insurance coverage.  Visitors should insist on seeing proof that operators have sufficient medical and liability insurance."

There are lots of articles on line about jet ski accidents in the Bahamas, including this article dating back to 2004. 

If you were on the Magic and have information about this incident, please leave a comment below.

November 30, 2011 Update:

A reader left a comment below and alerted us that there is a video from the Bahamas about the incident.  The victim was apparenty 47 years old and from Texas. 




Video credit:  Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas

  • My husband and I were on Cabbage Beach when this occured. We were very sad. My heart goes out to this gentleman’s family. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Jean

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • KP

    I hope the cruise company had warned the unwary passengers adequately and prominently against renting from unauthorised private companies and without valid insurance and if the passengers still do hire it would be at the passenger’s own risk. This is a must especially as such accidents seem to happen frequently whatever be the cause. If the company had failed to warn, it is at fault.

    Even the rental company should have warned passengers of rough seas and possible failure of equipment.

    My heart goes out to the aggrieved family.

  • Mary

    I was a passanger on this cruise ship and I went to the Atlantis beach also.

    Victoria – Did you see this event happening? Can you tell what happened exectly.

  • Jenny

    I was a cruise passenger on the Carnival Magic as well. We were told by our waiter Thanksgiving evening of the man’s death. Just the night before he and his family had sat at the table next to ours in the late seating in the Southern Lights Dining Room. The man and his family were of Indian decent and I remember his beautiful wife getting up during dinner to dance with our waiter and me when the wait staff performed a special dance for the guests. After I heard the devastating news I was saddened for much of the evening. I believe they had two young sons (slightly older than my 10 yr old.) It brought back memories of losing my father at a similar age. My heart breaks for the children whose lives will never be the same.

  • The 47 year old man was a friend of mine. I worked with him on a Houston project this past year. He loved life and loved his family. He was an honest man and had integrity in all that he did. He will be missed by his friends and no doubt his family.

    Thank you each for your kind words.

  • Victoria

    Mary – My husband saw a blue jet-ski turned completely over. Soon after that it flipped back to its normal position. We didn’t see what happened and just noticed the turned jet-ski, however, we didn’t see anyone around it. Next, my husband saw someone being pulled from the water by a white male. CPR was started immediately and continued for about 15-20 minutes. This is when the paramedics arrived. About 10 minutes into the CPR, one of the salesman brought a woman to the site via a jet ski. She was brought from the direction of the water. I’m not sure what to make of that. I have read that there was another person on the jet-ski but I’m not sure what took this person so long to get to the scene of where this man was. It seemed like she was picked up from somewhere and taken to him as there was a salesperson controlling the jet ski. I also heard the possibility of cardiac arrest. My husband and I were on the beach, but we feel that we would have heard a collision if one had occured.