Multiple news sources are reporting that two passengers died aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship which returned to port in Boston this morning.  The passengers died separately on the ship on Thursday.

One of the passengers, a 67-year-old woman, has been removed from the vessel.  State Police said that her death was not suspicious.

The second death, involving a 23-year-old man, is being investigated.  His cabin is being scrutinized by crime scene investigators because of his young age and the unknown cause of his death.

Massachusetts State Police and Suffolk County detectives are investigating the deaths.  

NCL has yet to commented on either death. 

The last time a young passenger died on a NCL was August of last year.  A 21 year old passenger died aboard the Epic after a severe allergic reaction to peanuts.   

Were you on the cruise or have information about these deaths?  Please leave a comment below.

October 28, 2011 Update:  The NCL cruise ship is the Norwegian Dawn.  The local District Attorney states that neither incident involved foul play.  

  • My husband and I had a wonderful vacation aboard the Norwegian Dawn. We had no idea until receiving a phone call from concerned family members that anyone had died while we were on-board. The NCL staff did a great job keeping this quiet so not to interrupt anyone’s vacation with such sad news.
    I am very sorry for the family and friends of those who have passed on!

    This does not hinder our plans to cruise again!

  • R

    On a ship with that many pax and crew, in just one week, the lives on the ship amount to 64 man-years.

    When you think of it, it is truly amazing that there are not more medevacs, accidents and deaths. Especially since it appears (to me) that a larger percentage of cruise passengers are in already in ill health, compared to the health of travelers choosing another mode of transportation.

  • Kimberly R

    My husband and I were aboard this cruise and I have to say this was my first cruise and it is my last..

    We had not even pulled away from Boston yet and things had already started to go wrong went aboard ship with 3 suitcases and all 3 ended up in different places.. 1 was at are room left in hallway another suitcase was left at the other end of the hall infront of someone elses door and the 3 was not found till 5hrs after sailing it was at the front desk no tags on it…when i brought the suitcase to my room and opened it up my camera was stolen all my memory cards from trips and family holidays were in the camera bag it was over 1500. dollars worth of equipment. who leaves luggage in a hallway.
    Then i find out that 2 people have passed away while at sea..I will say they did do a good job of keeping it quit to not get passengers upset..My heart goes out to the families of the 2 that died…

  • cjacksaon

    was not on that cruise but planning to cruise on ncl epic in december would like to know what happpen to the two dead people. more information on their death will easy my concern when i cruise in december. we should have a little more detail information. sorry to hear this….prays and comfort to the families.

  • Beth P.

    My heart goes out to the families of the two persons who died while sailing on the NCL “Dawn.” I truly hope for their sake it wasn’t due to the Ship’s Doctor. I cruised on NCL’s “Epic” last July and the Doctor misdiagnosed a simple case of poison ivy as herpes and I spent almost the entire cruise either in the infirmary or drugged out by being wrongly medicated. NCL sure does a good job of covering up; they refused to even acknowledge their mistake or offer any type of compensation. For the sakes of the two families involved, I hope that NCL is more forthright so as to provide appropriate closure for the families.

  • Pamela

    Do Not Cruise on Norwegian, We cruised in September on this exact ship. My husband had a heart attack and was kept in the medical unit. They would not let us off the ship until we paid the entire many thousand dollar bill. We have federal BcBS insurance and they would not even take his BP until we produced the card. We thought we were all set when they insisted on the card. YOU ARE NOT. The extra insurance you buy does not cover medical emrgencies on the ship. I hope that these families can recover the bodies without having to mortgage their homes. Also don’t go unless you are a drunk and want to see stupid alcohol activity all the time you are on the ship. Fly to Bermuda, the people are great and island is beautiful.

  • L

    I was on that ship. Best cruise ever! My heart goes out to the families of the deceased. I know what happened to both people and y they died. I will never tell. Only a handful of people know.

  • g

    It was the Sun 10-29. A 67 year old man had a stroke and died. A 40 year old woman threw herself overboard and died. I met lots of people who knew the people plus I heard it directly from the cruise director. It was a sad week.