A Carnival crewmember found a dead baby in a passenger cabin this week.  The child is apparently the newborn baby of a twenty year old passenger. 

The disturbing discovery occurred aboard the Carnival Dream cruise ship.  Carnival released a statement indicating that Dutch authorities detained the mother in St. Maarten, where the cruise ship called on Wednesday.  The FBI boarded the Dream when it returned to Port Canaveral.  The FBI has special maritime jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes involving U.S. passengers in international waters.      

Carnival does not permit pregnant women to cruise if their estimated gestational age on the day of disembarkation is 25 weeks or more. 

There is no indication whether the baby was stillborn or died after the mother gave birth.  An autopsy should provide answers.




If you have additional information about this incident, please leave a comment below. 

Video credit:  CBS / Today Show

  • nikki

    Is so sad, but in my experience most of the pregnant woman knows the rule and dont want to follow… Prefer a vacation to take care themselves.

  • Your article provided more than that bogus piece from NBC Today.

  • Jeff W.

    My wife and I were on that cruise for our honeymoon and hearing about this only an hour after driving back home was very disheartening and tragic. I don;t understand why the woman in question didn’t contact medical services at the very least.

  • Is there any updated news on what happend?