Multiple sources are reporting that a U.S. passenger fell from an upper balcony to his death while cruising aboard the Celebrity Equinox in the Mediterranean Sea.

The incident occurred on September 26th while the Equinox was sailing toward the port of Kusadasi Turkey.

I first learned of the incident today while reading cruise expert Professor Ross Klein’s blog, which contains an account from a cruise passenger that: " . . . a man of age 25ish jumped from the 11th floor and died.  Do you know any thing about this as it has been kept very much in the dark as we were on the side of the ship from where he jumped. Some say he had a disagreement with his girlfriend and some say he was sleep walking. 

The account states that the passenger " . . .  hit the life boat metal rigging gear, it took about 30 mins to get to him but was dead at the scene."

A newspaper in Turkey states that the passenger was allegedly sleepwalking when he went overboard around 3:00 AM.  The cruise ship then arrived in Kusadasi around 8:00 AM.  After an investigation by Turkish police, the cruise ship sailed on to Rhodes Greece as part of its regular itinerary.

Some real conflicting stories, it seems?

Another quick investigation by the Turkish police?  Were these the same police in Turkey which conducted the quick investigation into George Smith’s disappearance during his honeymoon

Were you on the cruise?  Do you have information which may shed light on this case?  Please leave a comment below.

Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship - Passenger Death


Photo credit:  Krafft Angerer/Getty Images (via New York Times blog)  

  • pianopotato

    It was sleepwalking. FBI came on for a while to do a thorough investigation, and did so very discreetly. He was sharing a room with his twin sister, no girlfriend, no suicide. Everything was handled and responded to very well by the medical staff onboard, unfortunately there was nothing that could be done.

  • A friend of the Family

    My son was one of his best friends.

    To give you a peak of what this young man was about he and my son choose to go to Canada after high school graduation to fish for salmon instead of going to a Mexican resort as was traditional.

    He had a tremendous love of nature.

  • tori

    He was a triplet not a twin

  • Rebekah Holbrook

    The young mans name was Brendon Armstrong, and he was sleep walking. My mother is best friends with his mother, and I attended the same church as him. There was no “cover-up” more than likely the variances in stories come from them being halfway around the world when the incident occurred. He was a brillant young man, and much loved by anyone who knew him. His love for nature and for his family was out of this world. He was, as someone mentioned above, a triplet, not a twin. May be rest in peace, and we can find solace in knowing that he accepted his lord and saviour before he passed and was able to hold onto his fathers hand for one last time as he left this earth