Welcome to Miami Nana!This past week I have received a few emails from Cruise Law News subscribers wondering why there have been no blogs for the past week. 

There certainly have been no shortage of interesting cruise stories.  Another public relations snafu by Royal Caribbean, a cruise ship collision, a couple of interesting legal cases, and even a happy story of a young woman who went overboard from a ferry in the U.K and was saved (thank God) have unfolded this month.

But the biggest story is that my Mom moved down from Arkansas to Miami.  Yep, Mom moves to Miami.  I spent a good amount of time (and had a good time) helping her make the move to Miami this past week. 

After my Dad died this past March, her choices for relocation were Houston where my brother lives, Park City Utah where my sister lives, or here in Miami.      

There is quite something about pulling up your roots and moving from your birthplace for good.  Especially when you move from a nice friendly Southern town to a fast paced place like Miami.  

Mom asked me if she would be an imposition living here with us.  With two teenage boys, four dogs and two full time lawyers I asked her if she minded living in a house which I call Grand Central Station?   Never a dull moment here in casa Walker.

The boys stepped up to the plate and had balloons ready for a party when she arrived.

Welcome to Miami Nana!