Today I had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of LexBlog in Seattle Washington.  As many of you know, LexBlog is the company which provides the technical support for this blog.  LexBlog designed the layout of Cruise Law News so if you like the design and functionality of this blog, thank LexBlog.  

LexBlog does much more than just design and manage law blogs.  It is the leading network for law firms, big and small, in the world of social media.

I met the CEO of LexBlog Kevin O’Keefe last year when he was in Miami speaking at a meeting.   My family is starting our family vacation in Seattle so I decided to reciprocate and drop by to say hello and meet his team.  

LexBlog is located in a cool old building in a hip part of Seattle.  I met lots of people in the design and technical groups.  They have nice open work spaces and there was a lot of energy in their office.

The photo below shows Kevin and his son Colin O’Keefe.  If you get the impression that these are nice, energetic and talented people (in addition to being Green Bay fans), you’re right.

When lawyers ask me about my blog, I brag about the people at LexBlog.  They have an outstanding group of creative design people and great technical support.  And they are building the top network of connected and influential law firms today,

Lex Blog