NCL Cruise Trash - DumpHawaii News Now is reporting today that an environmental group in Hawaii has located an illegal dumping site.

Much of the garbage and large plastic bags reportedly came from the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America cruise ship, including "paperwork, documents, and dozens of cabin cards with the names of passengers and the dates they sailed."

The Hawaii News Now website reports that Carroll Cox, president of EnviroWatch, was tipped off to the dump site.

In addition to the cruise ship trash, the site contained old tires and oil bins.

The website reported that a company called Honship Maritime Service collects NCL’s garbage from its cruise ship.   Honship Maritime Services apparently has a contract with a company called "The Trash Man" to haul the trash away.

Looks like someone took a shortcut and dumped about a quarter acre of garbage across the site. 

The state inspectors are in the process of investigating the dump site and will determine who is responsible for not properly disposing the garbage.

The article contains a number of photographs of the garbage including a photo of discarded NCL cocktail glasses.

NCL Cruise Trash Dump

Photo credit: Hawaii News Now