A horrific crime occurred in Nassau involving a twenty-four year old Canadian woman cruising to the Bahamas. 

"Jane Doe" (whose name is being withheld to protect her confidentiality) cruised aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas from Miami, leaving February 21st.   Jane Doe sailed with her father and friends.  The cruise ship docked in Nassau on February 23rd. 

While ashore the group ended up at Senor Frog’s, a popular local bar, early in the evening.  Senor Frogs is located at the end of a promenade called the "Woods Rogers Walk," near the Straw Market, close to the wharf where the cruise ships dock. 

Senor Frog's - Sexual Assault - Nassau Bahamas After leaving the bar to head back to the cruise ship, the young woman was viciously attacked and sustained physical injuries.  Looking for help, Jane Doe was then sexually assaulted by a second man (pretending to be a good samaritan) who raped her.  She treated in a local hospital in Nassau and then eventually flew home to Canada to recover.

The high crime rate in Nassau is an issue which I have written about frequently on this blog.  We have represented and written about many cruise passengers raped or robbed at gun point in Nassau.  The Bahamas has the highest incidence of rape in the Caribbean according to a 2007 United Nations report on crime and violence.  

Cruise lines are legally obligated to warn passengers of crimes in the ports of call where the cruise ships sail.  Unfortunately, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean do not warn of violence against passengers before disembarking them in Nassau, although the U.S. State Department does.  A year ago,  I was interviewed by Time Magazine in the article "Cruise-Ship Port Call: Gauging Crime in the Bahamas."  I also  wrote an article warning about violence against women in bars ashore in Nassau.  The article is entitled Cruising To The Bahamas – Is It Safe? 

In response to the article, we received a letter from Senor Frog’s requesting the: 

".  .  .  immediate removal of our front entrance picture and name from your website. We feel that your website has a negative impact togards (sic) our facility and our pictures and name has been used causing damage to our name and reputation, regardless of the crime in the bahamas.  Senor Frogs Restaurant is a serious stablishment (sic) pro-security we have daily security staff plus the fact that our location is just 1 minute walking distance to a police station our staff always ensure that customers are safe and having a good time we have zero tolerance to crime or disrespectful manners."   

Needless to say, we did not retract the reference to Senor Frog’s or omit the photo. 

We requested a comment from Senor Frog’s about this latest incident, and a copy of its response is referenced below. 

We also contacted Royal Caribbean for a statement but have received no response. 

Below is our article dated March 14, 2010, "Cruising To The Bahamas – Is It Safe?"

The U.S. Department of State has issued a warning of dangers while traveling to the Bahamas, including sexual assaults on cruise ships in the port in Nassau:

Nassau Bahamas - Crime - Cruise Passengers"CRIME: The Bahamas has a high crime rate .  .  .  the U.S. Embassy has received reports of assaults, including sexual assaults, in diverse areas such as in casinos, outside hotels, or on cruise ships. In several incidents the victim had reportedly been drugged."  

This type of warning, although certainly warranted, is not what the Bahamas wants to hear.  Nassau is a preferred port of call for many cruise ships, which line up like cars in a crowded parking lot.  

Today’s the headline in the Washington Post’s travel section is also not what the Bahamas or the cruise lines which sail there wanted to hear: "Violent Crime Is Up In The Bahamas"  Here is a portion of the article:

"Bahamas-bound travelers, beware.

Crime in the popular tourist destination is on the upswing, especially on New Providence Island, where the capital city, Nassau, is located. And we’re not talking just petty thefts or purse-snatching, but far more serious violent crime.

This island nation finished 2009 with a record 87 murders — a statistic tourism officials probably won’t be trumpeting in their next "It’s Better in the Bahamas" ad  .  .  .

The criminal activity has prompted the operators of the world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, to warn its passengers to "be mindful of their personal safety," the Nassau Guardian newspaper reported  .   .   .

Some Bahamians attribute the crime wave to high unemployment (hovering around 15 percent on Senor Frog's - Nassau Bahamas - Alcohol - Rape New Providence Island, according to the Guardian) and the nation’s status as a gathering spot for drug traffickers."

We have warned passengers cruising to Nassau about crime for the past 6 months:

Eleven Cruise Passengers Robbed in Nassau 

18 Passengers From Royal Caribbean & Disney Cruise Ships Robbed By Shotgun in the Bahamas

Bahamas Cruise Crime Nightmare Continues

Nassau Welcomes Oasis of the Seas as Bahamas’ Murder Count Reaches Record-Breaking Level

The problem with crime in Nassau is real.  Many passengers let their guard down and think Nassau is safe for no reason other than the cruise line is sailing there.  But we have represented passengers raped in Nassau, passengers raped on cruise ships in the port in Nassau, and multiple passengers robbed in Nassau.   

A major problem is when young women go into Nassau and drink at the popular bars near where the cruise ships dock.  Many women have been sexually assaulted after leaving the bar even though it is a short distance from the cruise ships.  The cruise lines do not provide security at the port nor do they warn about the dangers of date rape drugs and sexual assaults while in Nassau.

The U.S. Department of State warns about young women being sexually assaulted after leaving the cruise ships in Nassau:  

"Visitors should exercise caution and good judgment at all times.  Engaging in high-risk behavior such as excessive consumption of alcohol can ultimately be dangerous as it greatly increases the vulnerability of an individual to accidents or opportunistic crime.  Visitors should not accept rides from strangers or from unlicensed taxi drivers."   

March 9, 2011 Update:  Senor Frog’s in Nassau sent us a statement today  – please read: Senor Frog’s Comments on Crime Against Cruise Passenger in Nassau.

August 15, 2012 Update: Royal Caribbean Passenger Reports Rape at Senor Frog’s in Cozumel.

September 8, 2012 Update:  Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals: Cruise Lines Have Duty to Warn of Danger of Crime in Ports of Call – a federal appellate court re-instates a lawsuit against a cruise line for not warning its passengers of danger in St. Thomas. The case involved a 15 year old girl who was celebrating her quinceanera with her parents and brother on a Carnival cruise. A gang-related shoot out ended up with the girl being killed.     



Top photo – interior of Senor Frog’s looking at cruise ships    

Middle photo – Oasis of the Seas – Nassau Bahamas Press

Bottom photo – Senor Frogs Casch52 Flickr photostream

  • Jane Doe

    I think it is time that these crusie lines start promoting safety when disembarking in Nassau. Had my sister and my dad been aware of these dangers, they may have stayed on the ship. It disgusts me that Royal Caribean cruise lines would even stay until midnight in such a dangerous place. Funding local tourism seems to be more important than the safety of their passengers. My family was suppose to travel next year to Florida and the Bahamas, we have since decided that we will not be investing any time or money into these countries and will make sure that anyone we know does not as well.

  • Ellen Bonfiglio

    On Friday March 15,2011 my husband and I went to a local bar in Nassau Bahamas we ordered 2 drinks and by the first one felt fine by the second one we were completely unaware of our surroundings heading back to our cruise ship (Carnival Sensation) luckily we made it to the ship after returning to our room we were violently ill vomiting and unable to function. We did not consume enough alcohol for this to happen. Most of the night was a complete blurr I remember parts of it while my husband doesn’t remember any of it. The barmaid kept telling him to eat the cherries in his drink. I guess they need to bring down the stronger one so he cant help me. This was the scaries night of my entire life. After sustaining some bruises from falling in the bathroom and hurting my leg we lost a whole night. The next morning I went to the Medical room and told the woman working there my story she didnt really care to hear it and said that she never heard of any incidences happening (which is a lie) THANK GOD WE LEFT WHEN WE DID!!!!!!!!!

  • Firstmommy

    We did a cruise April 2011 with Royal Caribbean to bahamas. When we disembarked as a couple we were disgusted by the local men and their disrespect of women. We left our sons on board and glad we did bc after walking down main strip we could tell quickly it was not safe if even slightly off the beaten path. We went back to our ship early and enjoyed the vacant pool.

  • James

    My wife and I took a cruise to the Bahamas in April 2011. Nassau was by far our least favorite destination. We took a guided tour of the island and the poverty there was terrible. Although we did not encounter any problems, I knew the crime rate had to be high. We went back to the ship early and relaxed. I actually got back off that night and went to a bar named Casablanca that was very close to the ship. I sat outside and drank 2 beers. I noticed a lot of shady characters watching tourists walk back from Senor Frogs. I felt unsafe and went back to the ship. I will be taking my family (including my two daughters ages 21 and 18) back to the Bahamas in June 2012, but Nassau will be seen from the ship. We will take advantage of the empty pools.

  • michelle

    glad I read these reviews. my husband and I are cruising on Carnival Dream in Feb 2012 and I was looking forward to visiting Senor Frogs but now I do believe we too will be taking in the view from the ship and enjoying the vacant pools.

  • Melissa

    Hello all,
    The Bahamas just like any other country in the world has its problems. There is no heaven on earth, every country has there own issues with crime just at different degrees. Nassau being the capital has seen it’s share of situations but I guarantee you the attacks on visitors are rare and few and are not taken lightly. However, also keep in mind that we dont only have Nassau, we have a number of other islands to choose from Exuma, Andros, Eleuthera, Inagua etc.
    I have numerous friends and family members who have been victims of crime while visiting the US, but still we dont brand America as a lawless country.

  • Ruth

    My 3 girlfriends and I just got back from a cruise this past weekend from the Bahamas. (October 2011). There was no mention of any dangers from Norwegian Cruise Ship prior to getting off the boat or when we did get off but we immediately noticed the poverty and felt a bit uneasy so we all stayed together. We shopped in the straw market and then walked to the local beach called Junkanoo Beach. It was a rainy day so there were very few people there, but there was one man who was alone and hanging out in the water who seemed to watch us girls for quite some time. Once my friend was alone in the water he made small talk with her and seemed very nice, told her of a great sushi restaurant a few mins down the road we should go to. My girlfriends and I kept an eye on our friend alone in the water at all times and always stayed together. I remember hearing lots and lots of sirens while we were there where I commented to my friend that I had never been somewhere and heard so many sirens.

    Shortly after the police came by talking to the locals who were hanging out at the bathrooms and then they came over and called the man who had been watching us and appeared to be “friendly” out of the water by name and told him to go away. The police then asked us girls if he had harmed us or touched us in any way. This made us feel very uncomfortable but we were fine and had not been harmed. 2 of us had gotten a coconut drink at the little shack on the beach from 2 men making them prior. They gave me a drink and one “free”. I did not feel strange at all looking back at it, but now knowing what I do about tourists being given date rape drugs I would NOT buy a drink there again.

    My overall experience of the Bahamas was not worth the trip or money I paid. I feel that I was lied to about going to this beautiful island where I could “relax” when in reality I could not because of so much crime and sirens going off. And knowing what I do now and that I was not warned to watch out for the dangers makes me not want to go on a cruise again.

  • Ryan

    Hmmm. I have been born and raised in the Bahamas. these stories that I am reading are so far from the truth. To know for a fact that something was put in your drink would be good. Don’t just make up stories because you wanna feel included.. Bahamians do not go around Robbing Tourist. The Bahamas is not a developed country. While we do not live in trees, we have our own problems. The World Recession has taken its told on the Bahamas, but Tourism is our number one industry and its for a reason. Bahamians are always told to be friendly to visitors. So do not get it twisted. Yes there have been instances where tourist have been robbed..But i assure you once or twice is not cause for any alarm. The Bahamas is indeed not Heaven on earth. Please do not act like where you come from is some peaceful place without its problems. Please get the facts. Yes the cruise ship does not mention anything about safety because there are no concerns. If you come to a country with this negative attitude then you will have a bad time.Speak the truth and shame the Devil. Bahamian drinks are strong. We don’t do no date rape crap here..Thats what yall Americans do. not in the Bahamas. We don’t steal kids..Thats what yall Americans do. We dont go in schools and shoot up the place thats what yall Americans do. So the nest time yall wanna talk remember what yall Americans does do. Bahamas is a safe place for tourist So there is no need to be alarmed.

  • Toniann

    I’m not saying it DOESNT happen but I have been to Nassau twice now and made it a point to have a drink at Senor Frogs both times and have had nothing short of a fun experience both times. I am grateful both trips were safe but I think it is unfair to recommend that people stay on the ship during the port day or dont venture and explore the city. My personal recommendation is to travel in a group and do not wander off on your own. Common sense will tell you do not leave your drink unattended when youre at ANY establishment let alone a different country. Just be smart and aware of your surroundings if you do get off the ship. And for those who are considering stopping by Senor Frogs on their trip to Nassau, I can only speak for myself when I say it is a great time to be had.

  • Travis Tucjer

    I just got back from a cruise today. We stayed in Nassau overnight. I walked to Señor Frogs not once but twice bad did not have any problems. I live in Atlanta Georgia and being aware of your surroundings is crucial to not becoming a victim. I had a great time and walked back to the boat at 2am in the morning. The Carnival Sensation crew did not warn of any dangers but I already knew I wasn’t on a cruise to heaven….it’s unfortunate what happens but consider the hundreds of thousands of people that go to these bars unharmed.

  • Lynn

    I’m glad I found this site. We traveled on Carnival Glory May 2011. We were so excited to port at Nassau being it was our first cruise. It was beautiful. We went into the straw market where they were announcing the sale of tickets on the water ferry to Atlantis. We bought the tickets and about 50 people followed this guy named “Willie” to the water ferry, we went around corners, through alleys and immediately my husband said hold on to me it doesn’t seem right around here. People were watching us like hawks. We got to the water ferry which turned out to be a old fishing boat with church pews mounted to the floor. People got on the boat pushing $1.00 bottled waters. We were so scared but we went with the flow and we knew that going back to the ship would leave us alone and away from the crowd bc everyone had already spread out. Everyone on the ferry looked terrified. “Willie” we on to tell us about the land marks of the island and gave us a little history which we enjoyed then he stated he was a free-lance national tour guide and would like an offering for his information. I wanted to give him something but I didn’t want to expose my cash in such a scretchy situation. We finally got to the other side where we could get off and walk to Atlantis. We had to walk through this narrow walkway were women were touching your clothes and hair wanting you to buy beads and get hair braiding. I’m not stranger to bad environments so I knew how to handle myself. There were drug dealers on the corners as we crossed the street to walk into the Atlantis area and they would whisper “got the good stuff, got the good stuff” then taxi drivers would pull up almost on the sidewalk and tell us to get in, need a taxi ride and when we would decline they would speed off like in a kidnapping scene. We got to Atlantis which is BEAUTIFUL. We never made it to the public beach because it was a long walk. After sometime we were ready to get back on our ship. We waited near the shops inside Atlantis to walk out with a crowd so we would be safe and not secluded in a foreign land. Once we got back to the dock to wait for the ferry for over an hour (which is supposed to run every 30 min) we kept getting a speech from one of the locals saying “we are on slow time, we enjoy the island, no rush..you americans are always in a hurry). I spoke up and said we need to get back to our ship so you need to be on our time. Finally we got back on the ferry and “Willie” gave us the same tour and we departed and walked back to the ship. I wanted to explore more of the island but I know when I’m not in a safe place and we used wisdom and went back to our cabin. I’ve never had such pushy people hound me in all of my life (not even in New York) lol. Our next port was Freeport and we didn’t even get off, we were DONE with the Bahamas! We went to the spa instead. We were never warned of any dangers or previous incidents or anything.

  • Steven

    As it turns out, we took that boat ride when we were there last. We bought a round-trip ticket and never used the return trip. We preferred to take a group taxi back to the port. It was an experience that I will never forget and once was enough.

  • Holly

    I just went on a cruise (Carnival Ecstasy) at the end of October and I had the best time in Nassau, Bahamas. I was with my aunt, my cousin, and a girl friend of ours and we went to Señor Frogs twice in two days because the ship stayed overnight. We had a lot of tequila and were pretty inebriated the first day and closed down the bar. We walked back to the ship at night time and had a few men hit on us and stare at us, but other than that everything was fine. The next day we had a few drinks and had to get back on the ship around 4PM. The same thing happened with some men staring and hitting on us, but it was really harmless. I do not doubt that there has been crime there, but I just wanted to say I had a wonderful experience and cannot wait to go back (possibly in a few months). The staff and management at senor frogs were so good to us and we loved them! I am sorry for what happened to the woman in the story and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  • Allen Holston

    Just got back, my daughter was sexually harrased by locals at the beach (paradise island I think). She’s 15 yearsold. A local nearby the incident told me that they were speaking about selling her for “big money”. What the idiots didnt know was that big poppa was watching them the whole time. I was asked repeatedly to buy cocaine. Drugs are rampid and I was disgusted at the men. Non of these stories are being made up, Nassau is dangerous and should be treated like the vile jungle it is. Those people don’t deserve that paradise.

  • cg

    Just went on cruise only mistake was getting off nassau,could not walk 2 inches without people trying to touch you or get you to buy in your face people watching every move, then police grabbing guy and armed sec guard with shot gun walking next to us down street to a broken down van aka armed car..spent two hours there trying to get back to boat..next time not getting off at that port ….

  • CK

    I have been working on ships for 5 years, and have been to both Nassau and Senor Frogs plenty times.
    I have never seen an incident like this and the staff at Senor Frogs are very professional, friendly and welcoming.
    Crime happens every where, although it’s unfortunate, it absolutely had nothing to do with the cruiseline, restaurant or Nassau as a whole.
    Nassau is a great port, and ofcourse people will approach you on the streets to sell you stuff, but not anything illegal, mainly shells, turtles made out of coconuts and random stuff.. its how they make a living its up to you whether to entertain them or not. Ofcourse it happens sometimes I’m sure, just like anywhere else in the world, but that’s another part of travelling.

    Anyways, its a beautiful port with lots to see and do, don’t let this incident or posts stop you from visiting and exploring Nassau. If you really are concerned, just stay out of the local areas.

  • Doug s

    Geeeez, you people need to stay in your backyards and never go anywhere. Just turn on your evening news in the US and listen to the multitude of crime from rape to murder. This article states that there were 87 murders in the Bahamas in 2009 by contrast the US had 13,752 in 09 so just based on these figures your much much safer in the bahamas than the US even on a per capita basis. The people that have commented about staying on the ships are letting their fear of black people get the best of the them, i have been to far scarier places like Nairobi Kenya nicknamed Nairobbery and have walked by myself in places that look scary but if you handle yourself with confidence and don’t show that your terrified than you’ll be okay for the most part. You also need to be wise and leave your jewelry, watches and other flashy stuff at home. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t leave your drink unattended and simply enjoy yourself and respect the locals

  • Audwyn Scavella

    Every country in the world has its fair share of problems. The heinous crimes that are commited in the us are far more scarier than ours. This has always been a peaceful and fun loving GOD fearing country BAHAMIANS are peaceful but assertive people most of these experiences are misconstrued. Tourism was always our bread and butter and it has always been preserved. Make no mistake there is crime here as it is back where you live. Learn to repect and appreciate culture before you make comments. Bahamians get robbed all the time in the US especially in the Florida area but moreover any major US city just think before you comment.

  • sirray anderson

    geez if deeze ppl need woman dey should try find 1 and stop rapping

  • myisha

    I was just on a cruise with Royal Caribbean majesty of the sea from 5/20/13-5/24/13. Our first stop was in Nassau Bahamas, I was excited because I would hear so much about it it was finally being able see it for myself. We tooked the local ferry boat to Atlantis, and it was nothing like the other person described in this forum.That was a strictly personal and I do mean personnel and direct, negative attack towards the place & people there. On our way to Atlantis we decided to go to the beach first to enjoy the Bahamas water and it was beautiful and the locals there were nothing but pleasant selling items, not drugs! That’s their hustle like it is in any other tourist place and I actually loved it. They were handmade and beautiful items that was being sold & I did’nt see a problem with that at all. To be honest I felt like home there then my own country which is the United States. Everyone was so welcoming to my boyfriend and I and I loved every bit of it. and most of all I loved their accent, it sounds so beautiful & sexy. The ones that were talking all that negative talk about Bahama need to just stay at home or just go visit somewhere else that is like them! They shouldn’t disrespect the Bohemians like that because of their lack of understanding about other people’s culture & lifestyle. I do understand that there is crime there, but no more than in any other places and like I said I’m from the United States it doesn’t get no worse than that as far as crimes. You always hear about something from bombs to shooting to rapes, murders all the above! so give the Bahamas & the Bahamians a break. They are no different than anybody else just of color A.nd if that scares you please stay out the mirror! please don’t be frightened by some of the negativity against the Bahamians and Bahamas, it’s a beautiful place 2 adventure to just be wise of your surroundings like you would do anywhere else thats foreign. I’m like that in my own country, so its just plain common sense, use it then fear it. I never felt scared what so ever I felt nothing but love from Paradise Island 2 Nassau and I’ll just make sure this time to bring way more than enough money so that i can buy more items they sale, but to also support them as well because they’re self made and beautiful I’m definitely and I mean definitely coming back there soon! thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with the opportunity to explore another part of your beautifully made world, amen!

  • Observer

    I’m not going to pretend as though crime does not exist in the Bahamas, it does just like it does everywhere else. My family and I have been robbed twice while on vacation in Florida. With regard to the perception being created here I have a few observations. Firstly the percentage of tourists that are victims of crime in the Bahamas is very small. Four million tourists come here each year if 40 victims of crime that accounts for 0.001%. I am not making excuses or saying it is acceptable, nor am I trying to discount the experiences that some persons may have had. One person is too many and I am all for advising people to be vigilant; being on vacation does not mean you should throw caution to the wind. All I am saying is when you look at the numbers you can see that this site is greatly sensationalizing the threat to visitors and I think it’s on purpose. The threat of crime in the Bahamas likely is less than wherever they are visiting from and probably the reason many are paranoid to begin with.

    Secondly lets be real, racism and racial distrust still exists. More than 90% of the population is of African decent and unfortunately where many of our visitors come from the level of distrust for people of color is very high. When you consider how blacks are portrayed in their local media as well as the demographics of the countries most visitors to the Bahamas come from (US primarily as we’ll as Canada and UK) it is not difficult to understand why some people may be uncomfortable stepping off a ship in the heart of densely populated Nassau and suddenly realizing they are in the minority. Some people’s radar start going off as soon as they get off the ship because there are black people everywhere lol. Fear takes over and suddenly they aren’t having fun because just about everyone looks like a suspect from their prime time news.

    Thirdly, poverty is real. It exists in the Bahamas as it does everywhere. There are places in Michigan or Louisiana for instance that would make the worst parts of Nassau look like the Pacific Palisades. Despite the poverty and high unemployment (which in a population this size can be greatly inflated by recent high school graduates) the Bahamas is the 3rd wealthiest nation in the hemisphere which means if you’re on a Caribbean Cruise the best infrastructure you’re going to come by on that cruise is in Nassau. That’s one of reasons why so many people come here.

    If you are considering coming to the Bahamas for vacation I would say go for it. I was born here, grew up here, attended University in the US and was given an opportunity to stay but I decided to return to my beautiful country, there really is no other place like it on earth. I feel for all the persons here who have had negative experiences. It makes me very sad because I know for a fact that there is so much more to this place and its unfortunately that a few bad apples that exist among us have cast such a dark cloud but like I said to the persons considering coming also realize that bad news travels faster and further than good. There are millions of people who have a great time in the Bahamas every year but all it takes is one bad report to overshadow all of that. Trust me it is still better in the Bahamas.

  • Rebecca

    I have been to Nassau plenty of times on royal Caribbean and carnival. Crime is every where and u should never let your guard down especially when u are not from around there. I am from Chicago where the crime rate is very high and people are robbing,selling drugs,and killing everyday.i travel a lot and no matter where I go I always am aware of my surroundings and smart about my choices .and that goes for if I’m in Beverly Hills or the slums of the Bahamas. Be more smarter people.

  • Cassidy Anne
  • Cindy

    A group of women and I visited Grand Bahamas three weeks ago; it was the worse vacation I have ever had in my life. The ride from the airport to our hotel was $45, ten minutes away; what a rip off! The taxi driver kept hitting on us, and at the same time kept talking to someone on his cell phone about us, we felt he was setting us up for something; we were so scared. We saw a police officer, so we told the driver we wanted to get out there, and he got real mad telling us the hotel is still 5 minutes away and he still wants $ 45. The officer called another taxi for us and finally we made it to the hotel an hour later. The hotel was as run down as the road getting there, and the service was awful. Anything we asked for was treated with a rude attitude as if we were bothering them in some way. The food was horrible, I have eaten better meals on Airlines, and they charge you 15% on top of the bill; what a tourist rip off. The beaches were filled with trash and beer bottles everywhere, while snorkeling we didn’t see corals and fish, we saw a car motor and tons of shotgun shells. Three of the woman left 4 days early because of constant harassment from Bahamian men, this Country has no respect for woman at all; we didn’t feel safe. The rest of our vacation was spent in the hotel, we will never visit his place again, and we will tell others to avoid The Bahamas, a place where they disrespect the tourist who spend money there.

  • Mike

    Just got back today from a 5 day Carnival cruse on the Ecstasy with a day stop in Nassau. I wouldn’t recommend staying late in Nassau. I witnessed girls being harassed during the day and I hate to imagine what it would be like under the cover of darkness. Keep your eyes open and cross the street if you see possible issues like groups of males ahead. We didn’t have any issues, but there are certainly issues to be had if you are unaware, naive or intoxicated.

  • mia

    To all of you people who are criticizing the Bahamas think about your own country. I am pretty sure that even more terrible things happen to the people there. The Bahamas is a beautiful place and every country has their ups and downs. I recently visited the Bahamas with family members and it was the best vacation in my life.There are many kind and friendly people in Nassau, everyone in Nassau is not perfect and so are the people in the U.S and other countries.Some of you people really need a reality check because there is not one perfect country or island in this world and there never was and there never will be , And to all of you women who think that the men in Nassau are really into you take another reality check because they probably aren’t.

  • Maya

    We have been to the Bahamas Nassau and have been to Senor Frog(Party Time)we are not old nor young, so we have seen our share of good and bad, to say that Nassau is not safe and not to get of the ship is just foolish, when you go to New York you walk around the city right? Well newsflash tourist get robbed and killed in New York and yet we still go there. All other City’s have their problems with crime, so please don’t just focus on the Islands we have our own share of problems. I’m not saying people are at fault when crime happens to them, but we do need to be responsible for our own actions.

  • Katie

    In going to Nassau July 2014 & please believe me Im not playn the radio.Mia, Maya and Myisha seem to be the same person who is probably from Nassau. You can keep saying what u want about America but these bahemians are nasty because they bothering tourist that they know have no weapons so they got the upper hand. That’s Lame to run up on people who can’t defend themselves.

  • kino


  • mandi

    I cant not believe what I am reading!!! I have been to Nassau and going back in a week. I loved it there!! If you buy the excursions on through the cruise you have nothing to worry about. There is danger there just like there is danger here in areas we know where Not To Go!! Stop talking other people down, noone is perfect but we all have bad things in our countries. We took a taxi ride around the whole island with others we didnt know. It was a GREAT time and Never once felt uncomfortable. Even the guy who was driving us around did warn us that there was some bad places there but he was just giving is some history and information on the island. Just like anywhere else that you may know.. WATCH THE NEWS PEOPLE!!!! It is ashame of what happen to the victims but NEVER be by yourself. Espescially in a unknown area. To those of you who may be reading this, Please dont let all the negative scare you away. It is a nice place to visit and I hope you go so you can have your own opinion.

  • Annaliegh

    As a Bahamian girl whose done her fair share of Travel, I’d just like to say this. Yes, the crime rate is alarming for such a small island. However, the brunt of the crime usually happens in areas unbeknownst to tourist. It’s just like travelling to the UK (which I have been to multiple times) and being told to hold your purse extremely close on trains and while walking on Paddington circus. It’s just like being told to walk extremely fast pass the people holding signs and sponsorship papers at the eiffel tower in paris. It’s just like being told not to walk into the scarce areas in Mexico. If it’s dangerous, you simply don’t go. What I know of being downtown Nassau when the cruise ships come in, is that I am always vigilant of my surroundings, and in such a crowded area; you are basically safe from anything. In my three years living in Nassau, never had I wandered into an area where it was sketchy, lacked people or looked like something was to happen to me. About the drinks at Senor Frogs? They are filled with Rum! Which some people cannot handle because they have not experienced it all their life. People, women, girls… It’s just like going out to the club or bar in your city, Use the buddy system. Do not leave your drink unattended, go the bathroom with your friend. BE SMART. Just because it’s a vacation and a hypothetical paradise doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible. SAFE TRAVELS!

  • peggy johnson

    Visited in November 2014 and had a wonderful time there, crime is every where. was with a group of people and again would go again.

  • Stephanie

    Nassau was one of our ports of call while on the Carnival Sunshine in September 2014. I was in a group of four; husband, brother, sister in law and myself, and we spent the day in Nassau without any problems, with the exception of getting ripped off for hair braiding!

    First, we made our way off the ship and through the touristy plaza area closest to the ship which had the typical cheap souvenir stands and lots of peddlers. No issues here, but hold onto your wallet/purse/valuables as this would be a prime area to be victim of a pick-pocket with the amount of people walking around. Same goes for your children; as with any event packed with people (festivals, carnivals, etc.), keep your children close and accounted for!

    So we did not book the Atlantis excursion through Carnival, but per a tip from frequent-cruiser friends, we hailed a local taxi (there were tons waiting at this plaza area) to take us to Atlantis. We made it to Atlantis, paid the entry fee, enjoyed the hell out of the resort, and when we were done we hailed another taxi back to the plaza area (taxis were waiting outside Atlantis). We made it there and back with no issues or “local ferry” type shadiness…it was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a local taxi- nothing more and nothing less.

    2) FATE/BAD LUCK. We could have very well gotten in a taxi that was driven by a guy who had woken up that day wanting to rob/murder tourists, and we took that gamble and luckily we made it to Atlantis and back (two separate cabs/drivers) on our own and had no problem. Similarly, we could have paid for the Carnival excursion to “play it safe”, and the shuttle bus could have blew a tire and careened off of a cliff on the way to Atlantis…you never know! And the people on here writing about how they walked back to the ship at 2am and it was fine- that is simply an example of a poor ass decision which nothing happened to them only by way of good luck!

    In conclusion, just like anywhere in this world, you must use the best common sense you can, and the rest is up to chance. If I had approached the cab and had a funny feeling or observed something shady, I wouldn’t have gotten in. But sometimes shit can still happen even if you don’t detect anything wrong, i.e. FATE/BAD LUCK! The key is to make good smart decisions, that way you don’t have both poor decisions AND fate/bad luck increasing your chances of having something bad happen. Oh and I do pan to go back someday to Nassau to go to Atlantis!! I’m from Northern Virginia and I frequent D.C., and I’d take Nassau over southeast D.C. any day! Just sayin…

  • Noreen

    I have traveled to Nassau eight times in the last fifteen years and always a very positive experience. The locals have always been extremely respectful.traveling alone and using street smarts is the key.sad to read the negativity but I feel some people may bring it on themselves by consuming too much alchohal. Love Nassau and the locals, plan on returning again soon, always fly in, hate to cruise.

  • Kevin

    Been to Nassau 3 times. Bahamians are rude the place as a whole is a dump paradise island included. All three times dealing with the people in the Bahamas (Bahamians) was awful. The unemployment rate is high probably because there lazy, rude, and socially unattractive. If it only happened on my first trip I wouldn’t be saying this but all three times dealing with the locals was almost impossible. The two locals that I was actually able to talk to that we’re not rude to me said the same thing, Most Bahamians are rude lazy and hate tourist(mostly jealousy. They treat you like your stupid. Oh left my safe in my room open for 5 minutes to get a coffe in the lobby and the cleaning lady stole 400 bucks. I wouldn’t accuse anyone if I wasn’t sure( five minutes away I let her in my room money gone) I really don’t even care I hope she uses the money for food for her family and not a Michael kors bag. And for those who compare Nassau to United States need to remember the size of the place in question do some math before you claim the U.S is less safe than Nassau.

    I will tell everyone I know to stay away. I feel comfortable doing that since I got suckered to that place three times.

    Atlantis resort aquarium was nice. The food is border line awful even the highly talked about fish fry. Oily tasteless crap in my opinion. Oh and I bought 2 cans of Diet Coke 7.75cents what a tourist trap and rip off. Not everyone is a millionaire.

  • Thor

    I visited Nassau back in the 90s with my girl friend on a Carnival cruise. Immediately after getting off of the ship, we were hustled by locals. The language of the local males was obscene beyond description. Very disrespectful. I couldn’t get back on the ship soon enough. I have traveled enough to know a bad place when I see it and Nassau is one of the worst.

  • NikkiD

    Oh yes they do approach you and ask you to buy drugs! I bought some! No one tried to approach us in a weird way as I was with a huge guy that they wouldnt want to try up. There were people there braiding hair but they werent touching on me. If you make eye contact, make it short and let them know you are not one to be messed with.

  • I was raped there and the police do not take it seriously

  • Natalie

    DON’T GO TO NASSAU. Crime has risen significantly there, and my friend got sexually assaulted at night there. The cops don’t care about crimes, and they don’t go after the criminal. The cop didn’t even suggest filling out a police report. It’s a backwards city that’s not worth the risk of visiting, and she’s an experienced traveler. I think getting robbed at gunpoint is more common, BUT GO TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD. NASSAU IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!

  • Dutch

    You MUST remember this…….In The Bahamas you are dealing with NIGGERS! You know how they are in America so just multiply that a few times.