A reader of our blog, Evelyn, left us a link to a  short video of Monika Markiewicz playing the violin aboard the Allure of the Seas cruise ship shortly before her death in Cozumel.  The reader left the short message: "I shot a short video on her playing . . . she was so sweet."’

The death of a young person like Monika leaves a void in the universe that can never be filled. 

We hope that the family and friends of Ms. Markiewicz consider the happiness that she brought to hundreds of her crew member friends and thousands of passengers who enjoyed her play beautiful and joyful music.      

May she rest in peace.   



Video credit:   luktungkuen YouTube

  • Beautiful! What a tragic loss. She obviously had a God given talent. Its our loss that she is gone.

  • Anna

    what’s a pity only this short fragment…I’ve never heard her “live” only from CDs I know how she was playing with this guitar player…however she was my sister, twin sister…but they never performed together in Poland. My sister was playing in famous Polish Festival Orchestra with Krystian Zimerman, all over the Europe and USA, even Carneggie Hall in NY. And as a soloist with polish orchestras playing Brahm’s and Szymanowski”s concertos…She decided to give her talent to company, work on splendor of RCCL, because not on every ship are working such a talented musicians…
    and the ship left her on the land in this tragic moment. like a dog…just closed gangway and left the port…unforgiveable…

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting this video. I enjoyed her Northern Lights Trio a few years back, aboard another RC vessel, and bought one of their CDs. I listen to it frequently, but it won’t be the same, now…

  • Agnes

    Memory is a golden chain,
    That binds us till we meet again.