A Court in Bermuda sentenced a Royal Caribbean waiter, Ricardo Stewart, 32, of Ochos Rios Jamaica, to 15 years in prison for organizing the smuggling of cocaine on the Explorer of the Seas.  We reported on the story in a prior article – Another Royal Caribbean Crew Member Busted for Drug Smuggling.

There are articles on line from Bermuda and Jamaica about the sentencing.

Ricardo Stewart - Waiter - Royal Caribbean - DrugsThe Royal Gazette newspaper in Bermuda reported on the emotional statement Mr. Stewart made at the hearing:

"I’m innocent.  I’ve been working on the cruise ships for nine and a half years and taking care of my son and my fiancee and my mother.  I’ve never been involved with anything to do with the law .  .  .  I promised my son I would never be away from him more than six months. I’ve been locked up since June and the Crown wants to send me away 20 years. I will plead my innocence until I die.”

The Court indicated that it was mindful of Mr. Stewart’s two dependents his child and mother, and  then imposed a sentence of 15 years, with time spent in prison to be taken into account.


Photo credit:   Bermuda Sun

  • Nnengala Cole

    Life is funny thing,there is a saying “if you need to know who your true friends or family are,play drunk by the roadside.”i must tell you that Ricardo is a wonderful person,every one loves him,and i know that he has no involvement in any of the allegations against him,he will get his justice on gods timing…..we are still praying for that miracle……never underestimate the power of GOD!…….”with his stripes we shall be healed”.God is standing by……Ricardo “I love you and i will always love you no matter what,you are the best Fiancee,Father and son…….xoxoxox……and no matter the negative comments people are free to voice there opinion..some people just judge based on what others say…and not from there own minds….so i just block out all negative comments……..when i hear or see them..and just pray for those persons…….

  • jossette roberts

    i have heard of this guy and what i heard he is not the type of person that would do this .but god is good his will .will be done…..

  • kavel hamilton

    Tears fell from my eyes,ever since ive known omar hes a hard worker and never gets on the wrong side of the law.Nenn continue praying cuz we all know he innocent