Two years ago, Cruise Law met Twitter.  This was a major step for our little firm wading out into the new world of social media.   Twitter is singularly the biggest step we have taken in developing new relationships in the area of our expertise by "meeting" cruise fans, cruise specialists, cruise travel agents, cruise experts, and cruise critics.    

A year and one-half ago, Cruise Law met Lexblog.  This was a big, big  step.  Rarely do I make the right choice right off of the bat in making a new relationship.  Of all the companies which support law blogs for law firms, big and small, I made absolutely the right choice.  Lexblog is the best.  Lexblog introduced us us to blogging and the art of establishing a powerful on line presence.  Due to Quora - Cruise Law Answer Lexblog, we are now a top 10 law blog and a major influencer in the cruise and  law worlds of social media.

Last week, Lexblog’s CEO Kevin O’Keefe tweeted something about "Quora" being the new best thing in social media. I had never heard of "Quora" before last week.  Another silly made-up-word, like who cares?  But O’Keefe knows what he is talking about and knows what lies ahead. 

So I checked it out.  I followed a few categories (including cruises), and answered a single question – "How do cruise ships handle crimes on board?"  I felt an instant connection to the question and I was attracted to Quora’s friendly format.  In ten minutes I finished the answer.  Over the course of the day, twenty people "voted up" the answer.  Soon thereafter I had forty people following me, suggesting new cruise questions to answer. 

I like Quora.  I am going to spend some time here educating the public about my passion, the safety and well being of passengers and cruise employees on cruise ships. 

I hope that Twitter and Lexblog aren’t too jealous . . .