CBS News is reporting that a "ferocious winter storm" pounded Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas as the cruise ship was heading into port in Alexandria, Egypt yesterday.  

Hurricane force winds and thirty foot waves caused the ship to roll violently.  Passengers complained of furniture and beds being tossed around.  Cruise Critic contained this account from a passenger:

Horrid rollovers at sea approaching Alexandria an hour ago at 2 am. Thrown from bed + nearly pinned between bed that was wildly rolling to the walls and balcony slider — with upended furniture + broken glass everywhere. Feet cut as we tried to get out of room, and badly bruised, but glad to be alive. Very sore. Very scary  .  .  .  Worse as we’re up on deck 10. Couldn’t quite make it to Alexandria, but don’t know where we"re going – and it’s still very bumpy and terrifying.

The popular U.K. cruising blog "Captain GreyBeard" reports "30 Hurt As Storm Batters Brilliance."  However, Royal Caribbean’s PR department downplayed the incident, indicating that the cruise ship "had full power and was operating as normal" and that no passengers were "seriously injured."  

The Brilliance bypassed Alexandria and is now sailing to Valetta, Malta.


Credit:  CBS News