Cuba - Rafter -Intercepted - Rescued - Cruise Ship  The news today is filled with stories about a cruise ship which "rescues" rafters adrift in the Atlantic.

What the news reports fail to mention is that the "rafters" were trying to get to Florida.  They are  probably already back in Cuba pursuant to U.S. immigration policy. 

Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas cruise ship reportedly "rescued" six people who were floating on a raft near the Bahamas. 

A passenger on the cruise ship spotted the raft and the ship stopped.  As most of the news reports claim, the cruise ship then "rescued" the people on the raft.

An employees of a Houston news station FOX 35 employee (Scott Schroeder)  was on cruise ship and reported that the raft looked like "it was a group of tires tied together with green burlap and a makeshift sail."  

The make-shift raft had apparently been at sea for 15 days.  The Fox employee says the captain of the ship told the cruise ship passengers that there were seven people on board the raft and one of them died.

As tragic as this is, the indignity is that the survivors, probably related in some way to the deceased "rafter," will be deported back to the evil Castro regime in Cuba.  If they made it ashore to the U.S. they would one day be raising their children in Miami (God bless them).  But if they are "caught" in the water by the U.S. Coast Guard, they will be "deported" / "repatriated" back to Cuba to face, at best, an uncertain future.   

Perhaps this is a "rescue’ in the minds of the happy-go-lucky cruise passengers and the PR people at the cruise lines, but according to the Cubans in the raft seeking freedom in Miami – they undoubtedly feel that they are screwed.

May 15, 2011 Update:  Royal Caribbean "rescues" another boat of Cubans fleeing Castro: Allure of the Seas "Rescues" Migrants Fleeing Cuba.

Rescue - Repatriation - Cuban Refugess - Cruise Ship


Credits:  Fox 35 Houston

  • Santiago F. Lampon

    I liked your article and I thank you for it.

    I forwarded a link to the article to my followers in Twitter and friends in Facebook.

  • Mike

    You know, I was one of the “happy-go-lucky” passengers on the Monarch and you are an idiot. These people were not happily on their way to Disney world. They were in the middle of a very cold, windy dangerous sea. They could have easily all died. They were clearly happy to get on the ship. The only reason the cruise ship stopped was because all the passengers were concerned for the rafters and insisted the ship stop. The crew were happy to sail by and seemed very put out that they had to stop. We the happy go lucky saved these peoples lives.

  • Jim Walker


    A “very cold, windy dangerous sea?” Sounds like you are talking about the frigid and treacherous waters around Antarctica. Did you forget that this occured in the calm warm waters around the Bahamas, while you enjoyed a Caribbean cruise? Or does exaggerating the weather conditions make you feel better about destroying the dreams of these Cubans to reach the U.S.?

    But don’t get me wrong Mike, you are a big hero. Perhaps the next time you go to Disney World you can send a postcard to the rafters you “rescued,” to their new address in jail in Havana.

  • It’s sad that these people who were trying to make a better life for themselves have been shipped back to Cuba its also horrible that one of them died.