The fun thing about writing your own blog, or running your own law firm, or having your own donut shop for that matter, is that it provides you with an opportunity to be competitive with other blogs, law firms and donut shops.  

One of my goals this year was for Cruise Law News (CLN) to become a top 25 blog on the popularity chart of Avvo"s Top Legal Blogs (which is based on the Alexa tracking system).  I am ahead of schedule. Today, CLN was the 14th most popular law blog – just barely nosing out Dan Harris’ China Law Blog, which is undoubtedly one of the best legal blogs around.    

There are now just four blogs ahead of CLN for a place in the top ten law blogs.  So I will make another prediction.  CLN will be the 10th most popular law blog by the end of this year.  

There are simply far too many crazy things that happen on a regular basis in the world of cruising not to write about. 

CLN addresses cruise stories that the mainstream newspapers are afraid to touch.

So sign up to read CLN via email or RSS feed to stay on top of breaking news stories about the cruise industry.  On December 31st of this year, expect to receive an update celebrating CLN becoming the 10th most popular law blog around .  .  .