A Royal Caribbean crew member was found dead in his cabin on the mega-ship Oasis of the Seas on November 26th.  A local television station in Miami, CBS-4, identifies the crew member as a cook.

 According to a statement from the cruise line, the crew member is a 33-year old Jamaican man. 

"As is our standard procedure, both the FBI and local law enforcement were notified and responding to the ship on Saturday when it arrived at Port Everglades."

Oasis of the seas - Death - Crew member - Royal CaribbeanThis is the second death of a crew member aboard the Oasis of the Seas this year.   In May, 45 year old Dillon Roache, of St. Vincent, jumped overboard in an apparent suicide. 

Royal Caribbean has experienced a high number of crew members deaths this year. In May we reported on Royal Caribbean crew member Satianand (Satyanand) Buddaru who disappeared from the Explorer of the Seas –  Crew Member Overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas.  In March a crew member employed by Park West Gallery jumped overboard from the Radiance of the Seas.  Our stories about the incident are available here: "Man Overboard" Reported on Radiance of the Seas and here Master of Radiance of the Seas Praised for Rapid Response to Crew Overboard.   On New Year’s Eve Royal Caribbean crew member Neha Chhikara jumped from the Monarch of the Seas

It is currently unknown whether this incident involved a death by natural causes (highly unusual with a 33 year old man), a suicide or foul play.

If you have information about this incident, please leave a comment below.  

  • gray

    Hi,i have worked for rccl and i was onboard in march when park west member jumped overboard.
    Obviously there is something wrong with rccl..
    a lot of strict rules and strict managements rules stressing out all of the crew members onboard.
    You are doing a mistake they do fire you right away and they dont even care or listen to you.RCCL does not treat well enought to make the crew members happy and all they care about is the money and income..
    it’s so shame..and crew work really hard for funny money and lots of hours..
    i’m glad that im not part of this company anymore..
    they do drive the person crazy and u never know what you will be up to..

  • Gilli Bee

    It’s 14 days exactly since my cousin died. His family and myself would really like to know a cause of death. How long doea an autopsy report takes to come bakc?

  • EX
  • Joseph

    Gray i’m one more crew menber of rccl and the life on
    board really SUCKS !!!

    Very poor food in our crew mess special in the last months, when we complain to the chef, he answer “I’m sorry guys but my badget is only 75 cents.”

    Every single piece of uniform have to be paid and
    mandatory to buy onboard . . . our collegues when sick
    the company set them to Dominic Republic . . .ETC, ETC

    Well Royal Caribbean . . . Royal Screw Up Of the Seas as
    every one joke about, never have experience for a company so stressed for profits . . .

  • Molie

    Another crew member just died on Oasis of the seas while doing an amergency drill. I hope they pay his family out big time. Another officer broke his leg during the same incident.

  • tom

    I saw 3 crew members dying in my last contract on Oasis. I’m sure that the real reason is the stress that the company put in our back, especially on Oasis. They are always talking about “Revenue” ( we have to sell everything or otherwise we can be punished). Since I left the company I don’t sleep well anymore. Guests have no idea what’s going on… they don’t know that that big smile they had during the cruise was totally artificial (behind the smile punishments and brainwash). most of the crew are romanians, turkish, indians,caribbeans, philip…people who really accept to be treated like that.

    Wake up! It`s time to fight for your rights.

  • Paul Reichle lll

    As a crewmember with RCCL for 4 1/2 years, it is apparent that with the christening of both the Allure and the Oasis Royal Caribbean is feeling the pressure of its unwise investments. How can any set of officers and administration handle 8000 guests and 2000 crew with the same history of labor abuses Royal Caribbean has been sued for again and again. Simply they are utilizing slave labor, and it is unconscionable. Until a business savvy crewmember hires some maritime lawyers and puts the heat on RCCL again, it is detined to continue with the bulk of the ramifications manifesting in unhappy crewmembers. I just signed off a ship, and everything that is stated above in these posts is true. Quality control on Royal’s existing ships has dropped dramatically with their emphasis on refilling their coffers after the expenditures of the Oasis and Allure. I would not set foot on one of those barges. It just is a matter of time before they roll over in the sea, just like the Scandanavian shrimp boats.


    Its become slave labour!
    Once onboard its a continuous situation of
    work like a slave by our rules or get off!
    complain and go home!
    Most people dont have a choise, until enough is enough and they cant anymore. Sadly ending their lives.
    Sad thing is. Once you out at sea. They own you.
    An ex shop assistant.
    Never again!

  • Johanm

    From personal experience I loved my time on the ships.. But then again.. I’m an officer.. And my schedule was actually brilliant..but then again.. I worked in the cruise department and we didn’t have to worry about sales and profits.. Entertainment ruled the day for me..

  • jakleen agiste

    Well my cousin joined the ship in January and just learnt that today is 5 days the boat have no account of him after all he has a family who is worried cant they at least tell us something, anything. This is so painful and after having read the inhumane totured comments this thing scares the crap out of me!

  • Ally Fernandes

    Ya , Its very gud 2 hear great news from world biggest ship Oasis of d sea. i was going 2 change my company n wanted 2 join RCCL but hearing 2 diz news its unfair 2 join. as Indian hiring partner Dinesh Jadav says he can send for d post of utility galley only. as i m working in bar steward he say i don’t have vacancies other denn utility galley . as i m experience utility galley iz tough job on board. i heard dat my bro working on Legend of d sea’s say dat working hours r more den 15 r shown on time sheet or duty sheet 12 hrs only , diz iz great effect of working on RCCL

  • karrie

    i´m so sorry to hear about death crew members, im so agree with joham, thats life is for people who have to be worry for sales, standing all day, carring heavy trays, thats not a good job, specially house keeping,,, but hello every were is the same complains, i been working in hotels for long time, now i work for rccl, crew complain about the food, about the long hrs, the gangway is big enough to leave at any time!!! if u dont like it just leave

  • kris

    I’m also really sorry hearing about deaths. I’ve been working on ships in diffrent companies for 6 years, starting in housekeeping, bar and finaly Kids camp. It is not easy, it is like the army, but nobody forces people to do that. People work much harder on shipping boats, mines and factories. However It is good experience especialy for people from asia and third world countries as they make great money.

  • chris

    i worked for royal caribbean 4 years…..i signed off in february for the last time…i had a great time there with my fellows crew members ..i made loads of friends and money was good also…but to take the decision of quiting this job was very hard….lately we were working loads of hours and the pressure was big….i think this is happening cos rccl wants to get its money back from building these monters ship (allure and oasis)..i worked in the bar …but i saw people working so hard that i felt sorry for them many times…anyway…i heard from a friend in a different ship that a crew member was found dead in his cabin yesterday…he was drinking in the crew bar and he went to sleep …and nobody knows what happened….let us imformed about this pls…it happened on grandeur(again)..i was checking the news and i couldnt find it…thank u

  • Elena

    I was a crewmamber of RCCL only for 2 month/ I was fired for NOTHING.I invested a lot in getting the job – time, money, a year of training and waiting for the position. what the managemen done for me was completely unfair.

    Hey, crewmembers who suffer from unfair working colditions, cruel management, stress and unfair dismissal!!!

    We should find the legal solution, find lawers fight for justice!!!

    If we are together, we can stand up and fight for our rights!!
    we should joing

  • CB

    Don’t like it – QUIT!

  • patrik

    yes it is true we need to come togother has crew member get a union not the feak one they have if you are serious post your comment just say yes and we will take further

  • anonimus

    RCCL only cares about money , they claim that they care for the crew , but let me tell you , its crap ,Managers making schedules for over 10 hours a day , managers refusing to pay over time and if you claim over time they call you in the office and start to harass you on why you have over time when they give you a schedule to work 12 plus hours a day , RCCL promotes slavery …

  • Matthew

    I’m going on my third cruise with RCCL aborad Oasis this May. To hear that crew members are mistreated is very disapointing. It will take away from the experince, thats for sure.You would think that RCCL would know that treating thier crews with a common sense of goodness and respect, would translate into the guests having a better vacation.

  • anne

    guys sorry to hear all this, i was in Explorer in 2000, long hours, no days off bt i went there to explorer, i got dat, i culd go back given a chance. Im wondering if anyone of u know if there is anywhere where u may look for x-crew details, v gota lota frends i ned to get hold of.

  • Alexander

    Hello to Everyone. Reading this comments I have to tell you that RCCL works for more then 35 ears. Success which company made is definitely because of hard working crew. But if crew do everything they think is correct, this huge Company will never be well known. Therefore the rules and regulations have to be followed in order to make the life on the ships easer. I`ve been on the ships more then 11 years and always tried to be flexible. That philosophy helped me a lot to adjust myself to different life conditions. I dont drink or smoke instead I sleep enough and very really I feel like not working. I don`t eat any meat or any animal products including milk or eggs. Food selection is limited for me but I still can try something which is not common in my country and tasty. I`m from Bulgaria and have a lot of friends all over the world I made among the crew and Guests. Just last summer I spent two wonderful weeks of my vacation with my family in the States as my guests invited us. That was a fourth time to do that with different guests for the last few years. We are in touch all these years and that is why is worthy to do your job and respect company which feeds your family. At the end some of the crew were right by saying that if you don`t like that just simply leave the job and get something better for you.

  • Rumen

    Hello, there
    As I read all the comments under the cruise ship High Sea accidents , surprisingly saw a person from Bulgaria 🙂 Aleksander .I am ex Carnival crew member with 5 years experience on board , and I may say – the life is Journey !

  • Gathoni

    I still work for RCI and l disagree wit all above comments, the standards onboard are high and crew memebers mess it all..the life saving rules are for our good and l appreciate every drill but crew members are never serious….
    we work hard and party hard too!! the money is good for our families bak home,much better opportunity than when am at home….there are measures to help us wen we r stressed,but one has to go for it!!!!
    don’t accept to be below the line and u will love your job…anywhere!!!!…it all depends on u!

  • diana

    RCCL is certainly not a bad company to work for. I rather think management on the ships should rather shape up. Lots of unfairness, managers abusing their authorities making crew believe that it’s company standards, managers taking care of their own people, when coming to promotions and pushing those supervisors working under them to do the same. Treating their inferiors as if they have no platform to stand on, misleading the crew. That all boils to unhappy crew and could possibly be the course of crew making an end to their lives. Lots of threatening going on on RCCL ships, it’s such a shame to imagine that we all leave our families for so many months and then to work in such conditions. HR managers are suppose to be the middle persons for crew to speak up and talk about things bothering them, but unfortunately, most of them are so connected with the managers that you simply can’t confine in them. (they all the same). If crew could just be able to speak up and to speak out more, i certainly think it would help to avoid unhappy crew taking their own lives. RCCL is certainly not a bad company to work for.

  • Srdjan

    I worked for RCCL, and I apply for rehire because I think that is a good company to work for. I agree that some of the managers abuse their authorities and mistreat crew, I had the opportunity, personally, to experience that (and company should work on that). But that is small percent, most managers are good if you’r doing a good job and don’t give them bad attitude. This job is not for everybody because it is a lot of stress and you need to have a great mental strength. So, do not put everything on RCCL, there is some thing that we need to handle in our heads, like why are we there and if we are already there are we ready to work by their rules….???

  • cris

    I am a crew on Ncl and I can say the same think:the job on the ship is very hard,they overwork us,the food is not good,the management is very rude,we work a lot of hours under pressure,the salary’s are not good too!I cannot wait to finish the contract and never come back!I don t know how this people are allowed to hire the people and put them work like slaves!

  • Ingrid Rusu

    To work for Royal Caribbean is not such a big deal. They stat to change a lot in a crew detriment. Satianand (Satyanand) Buddaru he jump overboard because nobody cares about crew. They cut from crew as much is possible, the cabin, salary…..what salary increase is 3% after you lost your cabin?… probably soon we will not have just rice in crew mess, sometimes we don’t have what to eat,we are buying sardines and soup form Slop Chest. For sure RCL will lose a lot of crew members! I want to congratulate all cruise line which they are getting RCL crew because they are well train and a lot o knowledge!

  • djan

    I use to work for rccl last 7 years.
    company dosen’t care about crew. every contract was 6 mounths for dining room staff. but thay allways extend couple more mounths to not pay for fly ticket. many many time im depressed for hard work and pressure. managment wake me up from my cabin in the middle of the nigth for many many stuppit reasons. Now im so happy to be on the land. but first 6 mounths was very difficult. every morning i woke up like felling late to work 🙁

  • claude speliers

    Hi every one
    Before all the complains i read First of all nobody hire you and force you to stay I work for 20 Years i was Busboy , Waiter and than Asst Manager Or Head Waiter i left at 2007 after a Back infeccion and RCCL took very good care of me Hotel, Therapies , Docters and best of all my surgery complete recover after 7 years now i could tell you that many Employers stay at same hotel with me and worked for other Cruise line companies and did not take care of their seek employers they send them to their home country and thats it not my case i was very well compensated from RCCL and no lawyers involved at all but i always respected my job and my co workers and To me i had 20 happy Years but always the same people complain abouth everything thanks god you have a job food and a Cabin to sleep because just look outside its not easy many people without jobs safe your money and do something ones you leave the Ships Good luck to all the Sailers

  • stefa

    Rude management, extremely high pressure, 12-14h shifts, no day off, no personal time, poor pay. Someone say “if you dont like it quit”. Thaths what I and many others did, but believe or not there are many people who can’t afford this “luxury”! Does it means they deserve to live in this miserable conditions!?
    I had a colleague (single mom) she told me once “Pray, I pray few times every single day to God to give me power to go thru this day. I pray- otherwise I only cry.”

  • Stefannia

    I get back my life the day i quit the oasis , i worked for 7 years for rccl, and it Was horrible but i thank God it is over, pasengers dont have a clue of what realy take place!!!!!!

  • Rasil

    I am a crew member of RCCL for long years but my concerned is our safety onboard Oasis of the seas. Strictness by having a lot of 0 tolerance policies like alcohol, smoking and etc.. Can you imagine people in charge and responsible to enforce the strict policy is blind cooking of food in different working shop and even in crew cabin is now ongoing with out further question since the saw it but they ignore to avoid demerit. We are dealing about the safety of everyone on board. Easy to get know if somebody doing cook due to smell, the place is air conditioned to find out the smell of food is not strange. The supervisor of the workshop is the one who first to manage doing cooking instead of doing NO.Carpenter workshop and others area is prone of fire……….Management please attention for the safety of Oasis

  • Anonymous

    Yes the company is good but the management onboard is not good.They just pressure the crew members in each department just for their own.especially theres an inspection from local authorities.there are times they forced the crew to work in overtime without pay.the crew members step away from their home or family just to earn big money but why is it if the crew members work more time from their rrgular ours the management told the crew member you are violating the International Labor Organizatio law but if the crew member want to rest because of stress they let the crew to work in order to finish the job.and the management onboard they control the overtime in which the crew member earn money from that.i belive that they (management) just want their pocket full every end of the year for the bonuses from the company

  • ramei


  • Dsu

    Rccl is a great company to work with. Good working hours. What is not good is that If you have an indian Hotel Director (Kumar) who favors only for his fellow Indian…other nationality will give him a tough time or not even say ‘Hi’ to you. When i was in Serenade there was also an incident that 2 crew members jump over board and the executive committee did not even show any care..yes they only care about the revenue and to be the best in the fleet…

  • Joshua Cherian

    I feel so sorry reading these comments about RCCL ,people have worked 7 yrs 10yrs and still complaining about the company who has, I am sure given them shelter and lively hood for their family for the years they have worked for the company.People forget that its a business and like all the company RCCL also wants to make money if they will not make it we will not have a job. I only request to all the people who talks all negative please think about the first time you buy something for yourself or for your family which you have desired ..It happened only because you were working for RCCL.Be positive and respect your employer

  • karl

    I´m an ex emploee for RCCL and i can say it is a very good company.
    they have exemptions of some managers that make life impossible on board just a matter if they like you or not.
    but wen you talk about bad companies you could said Costa is number one, slavery,bad food, unsafe etc.

  • jairo

    Hi i work forma 14 years itetired 2 years a go bit now i try to comback .why.because is excellent company the problema is the diferentes cultura and no everyoneid happy so go to home and stop complain the company take a good carne of cree so i happy and thousands more,do dont talk general y realise that thee problema is you .de are many thousands that we aprecited the company uup up up to total caribbean cruises línea AMD many millions of thaanks .god bless RCCL.

  • Carlos Zan

    Hello. I would like to know if someone has any information how the life onboard of the Rhapsody of the Seas. I will be joining then in August. Thanks!!!

  • DS

    I’ve ever worked on two cruise company. My experience, rccl is the better one. Management is good enough, food is is also not bad. The only thing, the contract maybe can be cut little bit less.
    Working on the ship is not easy, before you join to ship company you should make very good plan and goal. Don’t waste money for something that you don’t need it. Once you reach your goal try to leave the company and stay with your family. My advice don’t stay working on the ship to long. Keep some of your time for you and family.
    The case of crew on board who died on suicide, ( two cases I am ever know while I worked with rccl ) the reason both because the family problem. Their wife(sorry), was date with another man.
    The point of this is the contract was to long, at least 3 months is enough. Less strict rule has to be make by company. As a crew we are have to make a good plan so that we will not to stay to long on ship and find job back home after. RCCL is a good company, we can not blame the company, but it is about us to know the limit how long we will stay on a cruise ship.

  • Edgar L.Calderon

    I was on board the Oasis when Jamaican man also a cook died . Maybe because of fatigue they really know how to work you up . But after disability the problem starts I was suppose to get a lifetime therapy for the injuries I got from working at Oasis three hand operations shoulder nerve problem after that I got a little compensation and a lifetime of pain and misery. Now tell me where will I get money for my therapy . They should be the one shouldering my therapy . Don’t be a butt kisser not all stories have a happy ending.