Today we received emails commenting on the bad medical treatment provided on board Royal Caribbean cruise ships and the recent $2,900,000 verdict against the cruise line for its negligent medical treatment rendered to an injured crew member from Nicaragua.  Here are the emails:

On the $2,900,000 verdict we reported on last week:  “Having worked for Royal Caribbean I totally believe this is justified!  Well done Jury!”

Death Wish?:  “I too could write a book about the atrocities of medical care onboard during my 4 Royal Caribbean - Medical Care - Medical Treatment - Cruise Ship contracts.  I suffered an injury and was sent to see a doctor in Curacao, and I’m an American citizen!  When I said that I wanted to see a doctor on port day in Miami I was told that they could not arrange it (we were still 4 days away from Miami) and I would have to wait until the following port day, 11 days later if I did not want to see the doctor in Cuaracao.”

19th Century Hospital:   “While working on ships we had 1 doctor terminated for downloading porn onto his work computer.  He stated he was doing “medical research.”  Then there was the cruise where 3 people died, 1 from a stroke and 2 from heart attacks.  Both doctors were terminated at the end of that cruise.  Why?  Because apparently the nurses had to talk them through CPR!  Absolutely disgusting.  I’ve told family members and friends that if they ever get hurt or injured on a cruise ship the last place they want to go is to the ship’s infirmary.  The “medicine” dished out is reminiscent of early 19th century hospitals, where one only went if he or she had a death wish.”

Fend For Yourself:  “I am an American citizen who worked for Royal Caribbean.  I left the ship in the last quarter of my last contract with an injury. It was even tough for me to get RCCL to cover decent medical treatment for me as an American citizen.  I cannot even imagine what it is like for crew members who are sent back to their countries of origin.  Forget about any sort of living compensation while shoreside for treatment.  I was able to live with my parents, but if I hadn’t had that option I would have had quite a bit of difficulty.  It is shameful the way they sign crew members off of ships to fend for themselves.”

November 11, 2014 Update: Breaking News! Cruise passengers are now permitted to sue the cruise lines for medical negligence. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that cruise lines are no longer permitted to assert an “immunity defense” when their ship doctors and nurses commit medical malpractice. Read: 11th Circuit Rejects Cruise Lines’ Immunity Defense to Medical Malpractice Claims. Contact us for further information.


We have written articles about Royal Caribbean’s abuse of its crew members:

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Have you received medical treatment on a Royal Caribbean?  What was your experience?

Photo Credit:  Jim Walker

  • Cassandra badie

    hey i was on ncl and story i have to tell, well it was almost a year ago and still i am not medically ok, my job is going to dr right now and hospitals, anyway my question is why is it so hard for a passenger to sue for the terrible medical treatment but easy for a crew member? we have no ideal what we walking into aboard a ship
    i couldn’t find a lawyer to touch my case
    and other cases against the cruise ship by passengers seems to have all failed

  • Sofia

    What a shame, my God in my next vacation i will
    choose something but not cruise ship.
    I do believe the crew, because in our last cruise
    the doctor have charged $54 to give away asprin
    and my father end up sign off the ship in Cozumel
    back home …

    Well done jury for the crew, they are very hard
    workers and good hearts my family always remenber
    our waiter, our room attendant as a family.

    God bless the poor crew of royal caribbean !

  • Dolores

    I haven’t had recent experience; however, in 2004, my son injured his knee while on a Royal Caribbean ship. The doctor and nurses there were very professional, kind and knowledgeable. The doctor took the time to discuss with my son the problems with his knee and options to consider once he was back home. We were happy with the care he received.

  • Suzanne

    I realize this is an old post, but today I was thinking of something that has to do with an ex-entertainer on an RCCL ship who is still recovering from an accident she suffered while working. As the cruise lines continue to improve their entertainment and hire talent with more advanced and artistic skill levels, I wonder if their legal departments have given any serious thought to the accident and death benefits? Aerial performers make a LOT of money. Should any of them be injured to the point of ending their careers, their lost income potential would be huge, as many I work with make over 100K a year.


    My foot started swelling on 2nd day of the cruse. We asked for a wheel chair & were told “no”. The head waiter a dinner got us one.We talked to DD over customer service & she said that person would be in trouble. We went to “Dr.”, he diagnosed as sprain & gave him ibuprofin. On the 4th day the other foot started swelling & I was in terrible pain. My wife went back & the nurse told her they couldn’t give him pain meds but we could bring him back. She said how he can’t walk & is bed crying. The day we docked she asked DD for help getting off the ship. She said she did not have anyone. At ER at home I was diagnosed with gout. I e-mailed & wrote rccl. No response. It has been a month & I am still battling it. If they had done a blood test & gave me steroids it would have been better the next day. We have been on 20+ cruises with them. Just don’t get sick, they will let you die. The cruise was a wash & they didn’t care plus were very rude to us for him even daring to get sick.

  • rolunda

    My son received treatment from RCC. BC/BS is asking for me for the doctor license#. I contact the cruiseline and was told they can’t give that information out. I can’t get reimbursed.