Classic International Cruises - Funchal cruise ship - tour bus accidentA excursion bus carrying cruise passengers plunged into a ravine in northern Morocco (Castillejos) today and killed nine Portuguese tourists. 14 cruise passengers were injured. 

44 passengers were aboard the bus when it crashed during foggy and rainy weather.  Some news sources are indicating the bus driver may have been speeding. 

AFP reports that the passengers were from the Funchal cruise ship which had docked in Ceuta with 400 passengers. 

The Funchal is marketed by Classic International Cruises and operated by Arcalia Shipping Company Ltd, of Cyprus.  

There have been a number of bus accidents causing injury and death to cruise passengers. Earlier this this year, a tour bus carrying passengers from a Princess Cruises ship crashed in Tortola – Excursion Tour Bus Crash In Tortola Injures Princess Cruises’ Passengers From Caribbean Princess


Photo credit:    AFP

  • sharmane king

    I was horseback riding on Grand Turk Island in 2010.It was fun and I didn’t get hurt or anything but very easily could have.We were racing the horses very close together,and while we were riding bareback,I had nothing to keep me on except for holding onto the reigns. I almost fell off.If I had of fallen I would have been trampled by the other horses while underwater.So I was just wondering if there have ever been any fatalities from any of the horse riding excursions.The cruise ship that I purchaced the excursion through was Carnival Fantacy.Also the horse stumbled and almost fell down a hill.I wonder how it would have been handled if I would have been seriouly injured