A young couple’s cruise over this holiday weekend did not end as planned.  When Paola Andrea Londono, her husband Daniel Holanda, and their 9-month-old baby returned to Florida onboard a Carnival cruise ship, law officials came to their cabin and arrested Ms. Londono.

After his wife was led from the cruise ship in handcuffs in front of thousands of other passengers, Mr. Holanda learned that his wife had been arrested on charges of prostitution and possession of drugs.

As CBS4 reports, Ms. Londono had never been in trouble and never arrested before. It turns out that the police confused her with another woman of the same name.  But the police did not bother to check anything other than her name.  The two women have different dates of birth, different social security numbers and live at different addresses.  They also do not look anything similar.

As a result of the police’s sloppy work, Ms. Londono spent two days in a detention center in Pompano Beach before she was released.

As we have mentioned in other blogs, the names of passengers and crew members on the manifest of cruise ships are checked for outstanding warrants.  Sometimes, wanted suspects are  arrested before the cruise begins and sometimes at the end of the cruise – and sometimes not at all.  Three weeks ago, we reported on the arrest of a Carnival crew member, working as the manager of the Steiner spa on the cruise ship, who had been sailing in and out of U.S ports for years – Most Wanted Rape Suspect Arrested On Carnival Cruise Ship – Worked As Manager Of Onboard Hair Salon.   Kaloyan Kaloyanov was wanted on charges of raping a 15 year old child eight years earlier, but had worked for years on cruise ships.  He was arrested only after detectives from a city in California tracked him down.  U.S. Customs and Immigration officials in California, who are suppose to check the crew and passenger roster every time a ship enters a U.S. port, failed to realize that Kaloyanov was a criminal suspect – even though he was on a “most wanted” database of a city in California.

It is disturbing to think that an innocent mother on a vacation cruise can be hauled of to jail like this, when a “most wanted” criminal rape suspect can avoid arrest on a cruise ship for 8 years.  It makes you question what type of security checks are really conducted on cruise ships.

Story and video credit:  CBS4