BBC News is reporting that a cruise line waiter hanged himself after being accused of stealing money from the tip box on the cruise ship.

The article indicates that an Indian waiter, Sumith Gawas, from Goa, allegedly killed himself in his cabin on the P&O Cruise ship Arcadia while it was docked in Southampton earlier this summer.  Fellow crew members accused Mr. Gawas of taking the money from a self-service restaurant.

A coroner in Southampton just released an official finding that a suicide occurred. The police had previously ruled out any foul play.

Tips are an important issue for the minimally paid waiters and assistant waiters on cruise ships.  Waiters employed by cruise lines like Royal Caribbean are paid only $50 a month in wages and are dependent on the generosity of the passengers.  Although some waiters can earn several thousand of dollars a month in tips while serving all three meals in the main dining room, working in a buffet or self-service restaurant results in very small passenger tips. 

  • antonio fernandes

    it is through that the cruise companies they dont care of their crew no matter they work for even fifty years with them what they care is money and how to make the crew work very hard leaving their family back homes and spend most of their life on the ship reather then at home with the family.As some of them are working more hours and then their normal working hours without overtimes being paid by the companie. and if they as that they did’t get the overtime they get the wornings from the many of the suiside casas are coz of the harresmant buy the managers on board the shipsand if someone gose for investigation on board the ship they say that due to the lack of security it might happen. So what I do say is that if the cruise line say ‘that ‘then the cruise industry is not safe to travel for holidays fot the guest.

  • Joy

    There is no surprise in it. Crew members are exploited by P & O Cruise. They are put into long hours of service for a pittance. Recently, i came to know about the decision of the Carnival Feet not to re-engage the restaurant staff of Arcadia Ship as they demanded higher wages. They were recruited by them for a meager wages of less than BP 30 per month. This disgruntled restaurant workers fed up with the attitude of the P & O Cruise, who is running the Arcadia, went for a sudden call off of duty when the ship was in Seattle, USA. Immediately the ship management sorted out the problem by assuring the workers that they would look into their grievances sympathetically and no would not take any punitive action for the sudden strike. However, after clearing all the restaurant crews (around 175) from the ship on completion of their contract, Carnival Fleet sent notice to all the workers informing that they would not be re-engaged in their fleet in future due to thier participation in the so called strike. What a inhuman treatment to the persons who had raised their just demands. What a shame on the part of P & O Cruise / Carnival fleet. Persons were sitting idle and waiting for more than four months to be re-engaged by them but they got the above notice.