Duck Boat Accident - Delaware River Lawsuits have been filed following the sinking of a "Duck Boat" cruise vessel on Delaware River in Philadelphia in July.

On July 7, a 250 foot barge pushed by a tugboat ran over and sank a disabled "Ride the Ducks" amphibious tour boat with 35 passengers and 2 crew members aboard. 

The tugboat either did not hear or ignored multiple warnings that the tour boar was disabled in the river.  

The majority of the passengers survived and 10 were injured.  But 2 student tourists from Hungary, Dora Schwendtner (age 16) and Szabolcs Prem (age 20), drowned.  

"’Duck Boats" are World War II vintage amphibious personnel vessels, officially called "DUKWs," which have been converted for tourist excursions.  In 1999, the Miss Majestic "duck boat" sank in Hot Springs, Arkansas and 13 passengers drowned.

Read the NTSB’s preliminary report on the accident 

This is the type of accident where the insurance companies for the tug and tour boat owners and operators should admit liability and pay reasonable compensation to the families of the two dead Hungarian tourists. 


Boat Duck Collision - Philadelphia - Delaware River


Photo credit:   WPVI / Philadelphia Police (via CNN)