A beauty therapist employed by Royal Caribbean reports that she was raped by another crew member, according to the Times Live newspaper in South Africa.   

The crew member, who is known by her first name, "Taryn," states that she was forced to leave the cruise industry after her ordeal aboard a cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International.

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Rape - Cruise Ship - Sexual AssaultThe newspaper indicates that she was raped by a fellow South African, a fitness instructor, and sent home after reporting the incident. 

"I believe they sent me home to hide the case and protect their reputation – they didn’t care about my wellbeing  .  .  .  the easy part was to get over the physical rape, the hard part was, and still is, trying to convince myself that I did the right thing by reporting the incident, despite being made to feel like I was in the wrong, despite still feeling like no justice was done and despite having no one but my family and friends to support me emotionally."

After she reported the matter, the cruise captain told her: "There are two stories, his and yours, but his sounds more believable, because you had been drinking."

She said she was advised to drop the matter or face an FBI investigation.  After she decided to drop the matter, "I was given two hours to pack my bags and say goodbye."

Her case is being handled by another maritime lawyer in Miami who states that  " . . . some crew members, especially the captains and other senior officials, have been blackmailing female cadets and crew members to have sex with them or face a miserable life at sea."

The report of the rape is made on the eve of President Obama signing the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act which will require cruise lines to finally report all crimes which occur on cruise ships in international waters.  

We have reported many times about the high rate of rapes on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  In 2006, Royal Caribbean hired a former high ranking FBI official, Gary Bald, to head up what the Gary Bald - Royal Caribbean - Rape - Friend or Foe?cruise line now calls its "Global Security Department."  The question is whether Mr. Bald and his new team of ex-FBI agents are genuinely trying to protect the passengers and crew and help build a case against the rapists which have targeted Royal Caribbean passengers and crew members.  

Or is this business as usual, with the cruise line intimidating the victim and the cruise line taking the rapist’s side of the story?

You will many similar stories like this coming from a cruise line like Royal Caribbean.

Stay tuned. 


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  • Laurie Dishman


    this sounds so familiar….

    they still dont GET IT!!!

  • I guess this just reflects the real world and means that sexual assault isn’t taken any more seriously or dealt with any better on cruise ships than it is on land. So many sexual assaults go unreported and still people wonder why. It isn’t just the humiliation of what has happened to you, it is the humilitation of having everybody point the finger and call you a liar should you report it. The cruise line does have a duty of care in my opinion and they can’t bring in the new law fast enough about having facilities on board to carry out post-assault examinations! Maybe this way, more of the dirty animals will be brought to justice

  • Sabrina

    I was aboard the Adventure of the seas. A bartender with a good records. I was dismissed after my fellow country mate found a $500.00 casion chip while cleaning the lounge a few months before I got there. I’ve never seen a casino chip before for such a large amount, the most I’ve seen was $100.00. I wanted to confirm that is was real and went to the casino to ask. When asked where I got it, I paniced and said I found it but then told the truth that my friend found it.
    To cut the chase I was accused of stealing. I was seen by 2 security officers, where the first officer said that they might just give me a verbal warning but the next day when I went to see the other Chief Officer he asked me how I could be so stupid to do something like that. He starting to ask about my family and if I had kids and if I could find a job at home. Which I confirmed I could, I felt like he wanted me to beg for my job for asking a simply question. The Captain of that ship at that time wasn’t fond of me due to a previous encounter, where he figured that because he was the captain I was always the one to greet him, which I used to until I realized he wasn’t answering me when I said Good Evening or the appropriate greeting. He refused to answer me as if he disliked my race.
    My third week on board and on Saturday morning after 2 1/2 hours sleep and working a long shift, I was awakened at 7:30am to be at the office for 8:00am. My Bar Manager said that they couldn’t fired me for something like this but that’s exactly what they did. I was told that we stole from the casino. If it was found in the casino months ago from high rollers and it was lost from the guest and you claim it as your own isn’t that the same stealing. so they stole from the guest, if I was putting up a fight for the ship or what it was worth would’ve been something else.
    I was under sleep when I was told to sign a paper from the HR Officer. When I was given mere hours to pack my bags and returning home, i tried desperately to call the head office to get someone to listen to me and I got no one. When I asked if I could get my job back they told me no. No one even bothered to listen to my story.
    I had no money to get a lawyer and I’m in another country. It’s been 2 years i guess i lost.

  • CST

    I’ve been part of the game they play — threatening to call the FBI when you have information that could hurt the company’s reputation. The truth is they have no intention of calling the FBI. It is a scare tactic, pure and simple. And they’ve done worse to crew members trying to report a crime. The truth is that the cruise line does NOT want the FBI onboard poking around.

    If Taryn is reading this, please contact me. Mr Walker knows where to find me. You are not alone. I am acutely aware of what RCI is capable of.