This has been another exciting week in the strange world of the cruise industry.  I thought that I would spend this Friday recapping some of the interesting cruise stories this week.   

Cruise Shills?

CLIA - Cruise Line International Association - Cruise Shill The week started with the travel site Tnooz picking up our article Cruise Crime and the Indifference of Travel Writers and asking Are Travel Writers Shills For The Cruise Lines? 

A number of prominent travel writers, including Pauline Frommer of the Frommer Travel fame, left comments.  Ms. Frommer was right on point in discussing the provisions of the new cruise safety law, which will be signed by President Obama next week.  And she was gracious in thanking the International Cruise Victims for pushing the new cruise law forward over intense opposition by the cruise industry and its shill organization, the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).  Other travel writers joined the debate, including a few cruise travel writers who could not help taking a cheap shot against our blog.

Royal Caribbean Norovirus

Readers of Cruise Law News continue to comment that Royal Caribbean is struggling with norovirus aboard its cruise ships.  There are 50 comments to our article Norovirus On Royal Caribbean’s Jewel Of The Seas?  The last comment today reports that the Celebrity Constellation continues to have Cruise Ship Norovirus - Passenger Sicknessnorovirus on board, following the usual ill-fated last minute "additional sanitizing."

Stay tuned.  You will continue to hear stories of sick passengers – followed by "enhanced cleaning" – and then more sick passengers.  When will this cruise line release the test results of the potable water on its ships?  Tired of this cruise line always blaming passengers for not washing their hands?  Consider reading Cruise Ship Norovirus – Something in the Water?   

Murder on NCL’s Jade? 

Several sources are reporting that a passenger was murdered aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Jade cruise ship earlier this week.

Canadian sociologist and cruise crime expert Dr. Ross Klein and the ever gossipy Cruise Critic community published passenger accounts that a passenger murdered his wife on the Jade.   

Did it happen?  I don’t know.  I hope not.  But NCL will never say.

NCL Jade - Norwegian Cruise Ship JadeThis is one of the classic problems with the cruise lines.  They are terrified of bad press so they sweep the bad news under the rug.  But when the truth comes out, they look like they are hiding the ball.  The new cruise law will address this issue.  Cruise lines will be required to report crimes at sea and also provide a link on their web sites to the crime data. 

When the new cruise law takes effect, the public can cut through the gossip and finally take an an accurate account of cruise ship crime.   


Were you aboard the NCL Jade?  Do you have information to share about the alleged murder? 

Were you aboard the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas or the Celebrity Constellation?  How is the cruise line handling the latest bouts of norovirus? 

If you have some information to wish to share, please leave a comment below.

  • The penny, as so often in life, has just dropped.

    If norovirus is in the water supplied on board cruise vessels and originating from contaminated shore supplies, the problem will easily be solved.

    Anyone catching norovirus on board, should simply wash and fill a bottle using the ship’s water supply, encouraging others to do the same.

    Get it tested at the conclusion of the voyage and send the complaint and lab report to your lawyer.

    If it is “something in the water” the problem will quickly be solved to the benefit of those who were ill, those that might be ill in the future and the cruise lines themselves.

    Life is so simple sometimes. We are all on the side of getting at the truth and stopping preventable illness.

    Pat Gardiner

  • Jeannie Harper

    I was aboard the Celebrity Ship, the Summit in Bermuda last week. We were docked directly behind the Norwegian Dawn and I witnessed multiple emergency vehicles rushing to the Ship – ambulance and police cars. It was told to me that a 16 year old (not sure of the gender) died of alcohol poisoning. I have a friend and her son who were on that cruise and will ask her about the truth.

  • Officer onboard NCL

    I work onboard as an officer onboard NCL. I have friends onboard all the ships and was onboard the Dawn during the time that Ms. Harper noted the ambulances. The only medical emergency I heard of was that of a guest with a heart attack onboard and another that was at the ferry docks close to the ship (which the latter, by the way, was a Celebrity guest – does that show you how much information is given out to guests?)

    As for the Jade, I have very good friends who keep me informed of what goes on and heard nothing about a murder.

    Also, rumors spread like wildfire with passengers onboard. For instance, on one voyage where I was a guest on another cruise line, the autopilot locked and the ship listed but for only a moment. Bottles fell from shelves in the bar, dishes broke, and water spilled out of the pool. The captain got on the PA and informed the guests that it was a simple malfunction and that everything was okay now and no one was injured. On the cruise after this occurance, it was all over Cruise Critic that the ship almost rolled – according to a passenger. Obviously it wasn’t exciting enough for them so they chose to fabricate information. It’s people like this that make it difficult for those that aren’t crying wolf.

  • Paul Reed

    I wish we had seen this site before sailing on the Norwegian spirit…

    My wife ended up with Norovirus in oct 2010 2 days prior to the cruise ending and I fell sick the day we left the ship, the staff were abrupt, confined my wife to the stateroom(to be expected) but threatened to put us off at the next port if found to be in public areas of the ship(wow nice duty of care)…

    After the pleasant visit we get a phone call asking if there is a chance my wife could be pregnant to which we answer no, 10 mins later I answer a knock at the door to find the same nurse who enters the room asking for a urine sample, tests it and leaves, this is the total care we received from the cruise line as there was never a follow up..

    The blame for our sickness was a coffee we had at Starbucks the day my wife fell ill, this was the only thing we had onshore and were at see for 2 days prior BUT we had managed to bring the virus on board or so we were told…

    NEVER will we ever sail with NCL again