The Royal Gazette newspaper reports that the police in Bermuda arrested two American cruise passengers for a small amount of pot and a Taser gun in their cruise ship cabin. 

Passengers Virginians Kymberly Taylor and Shayla Reid were sailing aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas.  After the cruise ship arrived in Bermuda, police officers boarded the cruise ship and searched the ladies’ cabin.  They found a plastic bag with 6.68 grams of cannabis and a five-inch Taser gun.

The Court in Bermuda fined them $500 each for possessing marijuana, even though it was for their personal use and they did not try to bring the reefer ashore.  Ms. Taylor received an additional $1,000 fine for possession of the Taser gun.

We have reported on drug arrests in Bermuda before.  The island is very strict when it comes to prosecuting U.S. passengers.

Ironically, Bermuda does a deplorable job investigating violent crimes or mysterious disappearances which may implicate cruise ships which fly the flag of Bermuda.  But Bermuda loves busting U.S. passenger for minor drug possession on cruise ships porting in Bermuda.  Take a moment and read about Bermuda’s indifference to crimes on Bermuda flagged cruise ships.

The more serious issue is the Taser gun in the cabin.  Its disturbing that the cruise line’s security did not detect it. 


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  • Daniel

    I have no sympathy whatsoever! I would never carry this amount of drugs on holiday with me and to be armed too…. I believe their excuse for the gun was self defence, but was there really a need to take this on their luxury cruise with them?! Why do people not know the law and abide by it? Whenever I go on holiday, I always research my destination before hand and know exactly what I am dealing with. Using a website such as to research before hand would have saved a great deal of trouble! They are just clearly 2 culturally ignorant people

  • Mermen

    I don’t think anyone is asking for sympathy, yours or otherwise. This is data we should collect and take appropriate measures. Medical Cannabis is legal in many counties and states, mine included. Of course it does mitigate the fact that it is still illegal in many places.

    I agree with the article’s author, couldn’t there be larger issues to focus on? Come on Bermuda…

  • Mike

    I wonder why Bermudan police picked that cabin to search. I have never heard of local police boarding and searching.

  • Mermen

    Mike, I wonder if ship employees complained (maybe they were smoking in their cabin?)…or perhaps they were next door to an ultr-religious right wing cabin neighbor who made a big deal and tattled?

  • I think that the law is stupid and should be more worried about other things. Marijuana is the least of our problems, and yet our dumb government spends a ton of money to get rid of it (which will never happen) and really??? realllllyy??? A taser gun. I think that a woman should have the right to have self defense, its not like its a loaded shot gun. I’m sure it would be fun to have “fun” on a vacation cruise. pfffff

  • Famous Mockingbird


    Taser aside (agree), you say you would never carry “this amount of drugs”. Are you aware of how much cannabis approximately 7 grams is? That’s about 1/4 ounce. Perhaps three or four joints or a dozen bowl packs.

    i don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s a huge amount of drugs. If you saw the baggie, you’d be underwhelmed. It’s retail price is $40 -50 USD, and it’s not a huge amount for a couple on a one week cruise.

    Agree with your idea of checking some websites, etc. for travel info, but the takeaway for me here is avoid cruises with ports of call in Bermuda. Mmmmmkay?