Newspapers in Australia are reporting that the re-trial of Mark Wilhelm, the man charged with the death of cruise passenger Dianne Brimble on the P and O cruise ship Pacific Sky, began  today,

Mark Wilhelm - Dianne Brimble - Cruise deathMs. Brimble died in Mr. Wilhelm’s cabin on the P and O cruise ship seven years ago.  Ms. Brimble’s death was attributable to the date rape drug, GHB ("Fantasy"), which defendant Wilhelm allegedly gave her. 

Ms. Brimble’s death illustrated the raucous behavior on the P and O cruise ships, the danger of date rape drugs on ships, and the lack of accountability of the cruise lines for passenger deaths.  

We have written many articles about Dianne Brimble’s death.

Last October, a jury returned with a split verdict which resulted in a mistrial.  Will the jury find criminal responsibility this time?



Photograph                 Sky News Australia