reports that an American and a Serbian were arrested this week in Jamaica on drug charges after cruising to Ocho Rios.  

On Thursday, cruise passenger 37-year-old Brantley Black of South Carolina was reportedly caught with ganja and cocaine after attempting to re-board the cruise ship.  He taken to the Ocho Rios Police Station where he was charged and taken to jail.

On Monday, a Serbian citizen, 30-year-old Tomislav Miprovic, was also arrested after police searched his cabin on a cruise ship which docked in the Ocho Rios.  Several syringes containing heroin were found.  Mr. Miprovic pleaded guilty to possession of heroin, and he was fined $350,000 or six months in prison.  It is less than clear whether he was a passenger or crew member.

The identity of the cruise lines and names of the cruise ships were not identified.  We see this quite often – the local authorities do not wish to embarrass the cruise lines which are vital to the Cruise Ship Drugs - Pot - Cocaine - Heroineconomies of the Caribbean islands.

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One of the more remarkable cruise drug smuggling stories occurred last year when drug traffickers  used passengers to smuggle cocaine on board trans-Atlantic cruise ships

Women posing as tourists picked up the drugs in South America and hid them in their suitcases with the intention of delivering the drugs once the cruise ship docked in Spain.


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