The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 406 of the 1829 passengers (22.1%) aboard Celebrity’s Mercury cruise ship have reported fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.  These CDC statistics are based entirely on the information provided by the cruise line.

In the past week, we have received information from crew members that although they were sick, they were required to continue working.  This raises the issue whether the cruise line is not reporting all ill crew members to the CDC.

We just received the following comment from a passenger, who suggests that you can’t trust the official CDC numbers:  

"We just got back from this cruise March 18th (one day early) and we were ready to come home. Don’t believe the official count of sickness on this boat, I became ill on the second night out around 2 AM. At around 8 AM, my wife called for medical attention and was told they would be to see us in our cabin. We waited. At 5 PM, my wife called medical again and were told they had no record of our calling earlier but the medical crew was on its way around the ship and they would be to our cabin soon. As of today, March 19th., no one from medical has seen me yet unless they saw me passing in the hallways. I heard of many others who were sick and were not seen as well.

My suggestion if you decide to go, carry your own medication with you and be prepared to quarantine yourself to protect others while you are sick if you do get sick. Room service is good."

  • Jannet Dixon

    We were on Celebrity from 2/26 to 3/8/10. I became ill on 3/8 from the “fumes) of cleaning, clorox, being put all over the ship while we were waiting to depart.
    By the time I arrived home (2.5) hours later, I was very ill with migrane. Next day, bronchitis, breathing problems, etc. Under Doctor’s care since that time and still not totally well.
    How many have experienced this illness issue? and has not been reported at all>:???
    The sprays/cleaning was everywhree, all over walls, elevators, phones, evreything in room.
    I threw out all makeup, toothpaste, and anything that was sitting out in my room.
    I was perfectly well when I boarded this ship!! Still not well and very mad!!
    Are there others out there like me??? I will not be going on a Celebrity Ship any time in the near future.

  • Debbie Dyar

    I was on the Celebrity Mercury sailing March 8th. If only we had known about that ship we would have never stepped foot aboard. I became very sick on the third day of sailing with very bad bronchitis from the sprays/cleaning everywhere !! Went to doctor on board a few days later after taking my own medication we had brought with us and was given some cough medicine and offered a different antibiotic. I went to my doctor immediately after returning home and was given two prescriptions. I am still under a doctor’s care and still feel terrible. My husband and one fellow traveler got very sick with the Norovirus on the 2 and 3 days. Basically we wasted 2 weeks vacation of what was suppose to be our 40th anniversary cruise. We were not able to enjoy any of our time due to being sick and all the precautions and cleaning on board. I could not go into some of the common areas due to the musky/damp/mold smells. The floors in the stateroom were dirty due to crew not being able to use the vacuum cleaner .. I asked and they did use the sweeper a couple of time.

    We should have been given the option to cancel. We were also put on a bus after we arrived and parked our car, the bus door was closed and then we were told we could not board the ship, but were being taken to the convention center to check in and be held there basically captive in a room with 1000 other passengers until we could be transported back to the port to board the ship several hours later. Once we got on board we went to our room … which was NOT cleaned and still had a yellow dot on the door (yellow dot – signifies guest in that room is sick and quarantined!) … I asked the steward and he said they were suppose to tell us not to come to the room yet! I don’t think Celebrity (or the CDC) were up front in giving us the true information and risks about traveling on the Mercury ! I have sailed with Celebrity before out of Charleston and was very pleased. This ship should have been docked for an extended period of time until the CDC and Celebrity were sure things were taken care of. A lot of things went lacking due to the crew having to constantly clean and disinfect. The crew did their best to be cheerful and give good service. I have no complaint directly about the crew and the food/dining room service was very good, but everyone was so paranoid due to all the illness it was not enjoyable. First cruise I have lost weight on ! We never saw the captain and the last day never heard from him — made us wonder if he became ill himself! The only times we heard from him on the entire cruise was when he made the usual announcements to passengers about symptoms of the virus and to be sure to wash your hands to help prevent the spread of Norovirus and that the outbreak was on a downward trend. Evidently his information was incorrect !

    Celebrity refunded our money for one day since we by- passed Tortola and returned to port a day early. They also gave us 25% of what we paid toward another cruise to be used within a year. Most people cannot take another two weeks vacation that soon since you have to book a few months ahead, therefore they should have made the 25% good for two years.

    I intend to write Celebrity a long list of complaints, but doubtful anything else will be done to compensate for this disaster of a cruise !!

  • Debbie Dyar
  • Marian Fulton

    WHAT IS CELEBRITY USING AS CLEANING PRODUCTS? My asthma had gone into very bad bronchitis on the Summit and the Equinox. I went on a Princess Cruise in Feb. and did not have any problems. It was a beautiful ship. It had great live music and a nice floor for ballroom.
    On the Equinox, there were orange buckets of cleaner in the hall way. I saw 2 buckets walking to our cabin. I felt better, when I was off the ship in St. Thomas, St. Kitts, etc. The last two days at sea, I spent as much time as possible in open “AIR” parts of the ship. My breathing got worse every night at dinner. I was counting the days to get off of this ship. It was gray, & ugly, no place for Ballroom dance and activities seems to be in hall ways, making it feel congested. My husband had a fever, stomach sickness & diarrhea the first 2 days of the trip. I will never take another cruise with CELEBRITY.

  • Anne

    We just came home from a cruise on Solstice (January 2011)we took with seven members of our family. Five of the seven people became violently sick with a virus.
    Is there no way to get compensation from the Celebrity cruise line who is responsible for the virus being on board?

  • Sarah Ebner

    2/8/2014 to 2/22/2014 on Celebrity Eclipse. After a couple days, we were told some people were ill. The buffet was no long self serve. We were never told how many people were ill but all the staff was nervous. At one restaurant they refused to give us ice because of the “problem” on the ship. There was a terrible stench midship on decks 3, 4 and 5. Don’t know what that was. However, with the classic beverage package, order your drinks without ice and then get a glass of ice – because otherwise you barely get any alcohol in your glass. I order Baileys and so did my husband. His glass was all ice with about two sips of drink in it. So I ordered another Baileys, no ice, and poured it into his glass. We will never cruise with Celebrity again. They charge extra for everything.