So far, no one is reporting an outbreak of sickness aboard Celebrity Cruises’ Mercury cruise ship for its latest – March 21st – sailing.  This is good news after the last three disastrous cruises.

Today’s South Carolina Post and Courier newspaper runs the headline "Mercury Appears Free of Norovirus" in which the newspaper reports: "after several days at sea, the Celebrity Mercury seems finally free of a stomach bug that afflicted nearly 1,000 passengers on its previous three voyages Norovirus - Cruise Ship - Contaminated Food, Water - Infected Food Handler? from Charleston." 

The Cruise Critic message boards for the Mercury also seem to suggest that there is not a problem with gastrointestinal sickness, yet.  

The question remains what was the cause of the last illness outbreak on the Mercury?  Was it norovirus?  Was it transmitted due to contaminated water or food?  An infected food handler?  

So far the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have not said.

Let’s hope that the cruise ship passengers do not get sick for the remainder of the cruise.    

If you are on the cruise and know otherwise, let us hear from you.  Otherwise, enjoy your cruise! 



Chart        Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech

  • Karen Allen

    I was on the Mercury which departed Feb 15. Once the passengers started showing signs of illness, the entire crew started scrubbing and disinfecting every surface you can imagine. Every single crew member went out of their way to keep us safe. They scrubbed around the clock for the remainder of our cruise. I thank them all for their hard work. The Captain and crew impressed me with their diligence in reminding ALL of us to be sure to wash our hands often and if we were ill, we should report to the Medical Clinic, follow instructions and remain in our cabins until the symptoms subsided. I was one of the lucky passengers and didn’t get sick but I followed their advice! When I decide to cruise again, I will go on the Mercury again.

  • margery

    On HLN news 3-24-10 more sickness aboard the Celebrity Mercury.