Noro Virus - Balmoral Cruise Ship The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that the Balmoral cruise ship – dubbed the "Cursed Cruise Ship of the High Seas" – is facing the prospect of being impounded after it was hit by a vomiting bug for the third time in less than a year.

The Australian newspaper also reports that the Balmoral could be detained after 250 passengers fell ill with the dreaded norovirus.  In an article entitled "Cursed Cruise Ship Balmoral to be Investigated," the newspaper reports that the sick cruise ship is currently making its way from the Canary Islands to Dover, England.

Health official have threatened to detain the cruise ship.  Sandra Westacott, chief executive of the Association of Port Health Authorities, confirmed the cruise ship could be detained by Maritime and Coastguard Agency staff on the advice of health officials:

"It is one of the sanctions available to us – detaining the ship in port so that it cannot do any Balmoral - Noro Virus - Fred Olsen Linefurther harm."

We reported that earlier this year that the Balmoral was attacked by pirates.

The Australian newspaper also reports that in 2009 the cruise ship suffered multiple injuries in storm force gales and was infected with two previous bouts of the vomiting bug.




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