Haitians are in the worst crisis the country has seen in the last 200 years.  Haiti needs your help.

The Hope for Haiti Now fundraiser organized by George Clooney raised over $60,000,000 so far. The corporate donors have contributed little but have made a big deal about it.  The power to help Haiti lies with individuals like you.  I know that many of you following our blog made your contributions.  You are better for it.

Hope for Haiti Now

Take a moment and go to Hope for Haiti Now  and make a contribution. Or contact us and consider making a donation to the Red Cross.  Better yet, keep it simple, text HAITI to "90999" and a donation of $10 will go to the Red Cross. We will match your individual contribution up to $500 (total of $25,000).  Please acknowledge your pledge on our comments below or send us an email.

By the way, the performances were great.  My favorite was the closing song by Wyclef (below).