In a previous article entitled "Arbitration" – Stripping Rape Victims of their Rights," I discussed the sleazy tactics of some corporations who try to take away rape victims’ rights by forcing them into "binding mandatory arbitration."

Haliburton/KBR tried to force its employee, Jamie Leigh Jones, into arbitration after she was drugged and gang raped in Iraq while working for a military subcontractor.  

Senator Franken introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate which prohibits companies who do business with the U.S. government from including "arbitration" agreements in employment contracts.  Rape victims should be entitled to a jury trial and their "Day in Court," rather than have an arbitrator selected by their employer decide their case.

This clip shows the corporate lawyer, for the Haliburton/KBR company who hired the rapists, wilting under Senator Franken’s questions.  It quickly becomes evident that the lawyer had a morally indefensible position.

It is worth watching to the end:


Some cruise line are just as dirty as Haliburton/KBR. 

I will be discussing the issue of cruise lines trying to strip rape victims of their rights over the course of the next several months. 

Stay tuned.  

P.S. Senator Franken would be a great lawyer . . .