From time to time, I receive an email or a Tweet from someone tired of hearing negative comments about the cruise industry.  I hear you.  Trust me, I’m as tired of tweeting or blogging about bad things that happen on cruise ships as you may be hearing about them.

Usually, the tweet is something like – Do you have a life?  Can’t you say something positive?  

Well, usually I can’t, at least not about the cruise industry. I’d like to, but the cruise lines keep me pretty busy trying to catch up with their perpetual shenanigans.  But do I have a life?  Of course, my family, my kids, my parents, my siblings, and my 4 dogs.

So I thought that I would include on my blog, my "personal stuff."  Things that make me happy.  People that I count on.  Funny things that make me laugh.

So let me start by telling you what I did today.  I left work at 3:00 p.m and went to my son’s last home football game.  He goes to Gulliver Academy.  12 years old.  7th grader.  You know what I’m talking about.

Gulliver was playing its last home game at the high school field (Gulliver Prep).  The field is named after the late Sean Taylor – the Washington Redskins star who died tragically last year during a home invasion robbery here in Miami.  He was a superstar at the Prep.

My son and his teammates were pumped up to be playing on the "big field."  Playing arch rival Westminster Christian.  

My son, no. 30, plays fullback.  He is a big, strong, fast kid. Not sure where that athletic talent comes from.  Am I bragging about him?  You bet.  This is Miami.  A lack of confidence gets you run over.  Road kill.

He entered the 4th quarter with negative yardage. The game was close. Westminster was swarming on him all afternoon. He was discouraged. I know my kids just like any parent does.  You think to yourself. Don’t give up.  Keep your head up.  Something good will happen!      

Late in the the game, the quarterback, a highly skilled 8th grader, was hit out of bounds and knocked out of the game.  A new quarterback was in.  I could tell they were going to give the ball to my son, just by the way he lined up in the backfield.  He took the pitch – right sweep – beat the defensive end and ran down the sideline for 44 yards. 

Yes, I videotaped it on my crappy little Canon A1000.  Yes, I uploaded it to YouTube.  Damn straight I did.  This is the first photographic proof in the history of the world that a Walker scored a touchdown.

Walkers in 4 states are cheering.  Gulliver won by a touchdown!  A hug by the Dean of Students.  And my son’s name was broadcast in Sean Taylor’s stadium.  Not sure life can get any sweeter than that. 

Am I living vicariously through my kids?  You bet.  Sure beats talking about the damn cruise industry . . .        

Click on the play button and watch the big play: